If people were asked about Florida, most of them would answer talking about retirement homes or Disney’s theme parks and, indeed, that’s what’s The Sunshine State is most known for.

Once in a lifetime, everyone should visit Disneyland. Maybe you like or dislike the theme parks, but this one is a piece of history, not just an amusement for innocent kids, and is worth a weekend just to say: “Hey! I was there!” but if you think theme parks are canned entertainment, Florida offers a lot of plans for you.

If you are not so original to plan a trip to Little Habana and have a meeting with Cuban dissidents, here come a bunch of places to visit and events you can look to. As always, keep in mind the nickname of Florida (“The sunshine state” is used in license plates) because you will find sun and nice weather everywhere. That’s a good reason to most travel agencies to have a pack to Florida along the whole year (i.e.: see www.holidaygenie.com).

  • Cape Canaveral, one hour drive east of Orlando: this museum is a must. It is a museum next to the launch area of NASA, mostly outdoors. You will pass through American history of the space race. You can see (and sometimes touch) rockets, motors and spacesuits. You can enter into a full-scale reproduction of the space shuttle and ride along huge rockets in the Rocket Garden.
  • Key West is the last one of the islands called “Keys” and therefore the point that lies south of the United States. To commemorate it, in the path of the Bay of Key West there is a huge and colorful cairn where you can read “90 miles from Cuba. The southernmost point of the United States.” The site itself is nothing special, rather than make a point but it is the obligatory photo of every visitor. If you go to Key West, sure you end up making you the photo, like all others, is one of those things to do” when you go.
    Southernmost point in the USA
  • No one expects to find such a heartbreaking monument in a tropical place like Miami Beach, just a few meters away from the sunny beach. However, the Holocaust Memorial makes perfect sense here because in Miami Beach’s Jewish population is very large. Actually, it is one of the cities with most inhabitants of this religion, probably only after New York. Therefore, they raised this monument in memory of the Holocaust in 1990, to devote to the six million Jews killed by the Nazis.
    In the monument stands a huge hand, made of bronze, 13 meters high, through which you can see how they climb hundreds of men and women who represent the torment of Jewish victims.
    Around the sculpture and the lake, a dark stone passage reminds each and every one of the victims of the concentration camps and their names are engraved on the walls.


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