Holidays should be fun, relaxing and easy for all, but travelling with a disability can be tough sometimes; accessibility in some places can often be lacking in facilities or mobility options. But there are ways you can get around pitfalls by doing research into holiday destinations with the right kind of support and access facilities that exist. This post takes a look at some of the ways you can get around such difficulties and where to go in the UK for a great experience.

Train Tips

If you’re travelling by public transport, trains are well equipped for those with limited mobility such as wheelchair users. The key is advance notice when you book your tickets – if you need assistance, it is available from trained staff – all you need to do is ask. It’s true that some train lines or station don’t offer step-free access, but with the aid of ramps and staff support, you can get around this.

Disabled toilet

Tips for Driving

Getting around independently is so valuable for everyone, especially when your mobility is limited by disability. You can hire cars and vans with all the features you need to allow you to be independent on holiday and get from A to B and back again with ease and comfort. Companies like Allied Mobility provide a great service with a range of vehicles equipped for wheelchairs, carers and passengers as well as offering services like consultations and demonstrations to get you set up.

Best Destinations

Choosing an access-friendly destination for your holiday is half the battle, but increasingly, holiday venues are listening to demand and improving their facilities to make it easier for everyone to enjoy their time away. You don’t have to stick to the expensive or more commercial places like theme parks, cruises or big hotels either. Holiday cottages, adventure holidays, beach and city breaks are totally doable, especially when you’ve called ahead to organise your needs and make sure everything is planned for in advance.

To a certain extent everyone needs to plan ahead for their holidays, but it’s even more the case for the disabled or mobility impaired. When you’re going on holiday, you’ll want everything to be smooth and easy so you get the most enjoyment you can out of your vacation time. It’s now easier than ever before in the UK to experience holidays without mobility and access limitations. There’s still room for improvement, but get planning, get booking and enjoy your time away from home.


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