There are literally thousands of articles out there giving advice about keeping smaller kids and toddlers entertained on a long-haul flight, but what about older kids? Most parents expect teenagers to be able to provide their own entertainment, but when most of that probably includes texting their friends or browsing Facebook, chances are they’ll be bored after half an hour up in the air once their smartphone has been switched to airplane mode. If you’re planning a family holiday which requires you to take a long haul flight with your teen in tow, making sure that they’ve planned their in-flight activity properly could make it easier on all of you. Here are some of our best ideas.


Funny Photos and Memes

Teenagers and memes go together like salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly, cheese and crackers… you get the drift. If the plane you’re travelling on has Wi-Fi facilities, even better – your teen can use it to browse websites offering funny photos and humorous memes to keep themselves entertained throughout the flight. If there’s no way that your teen can connect to Wi-Fi on the flight, they can save offline copies of webpages before they go which can then be browsed without a connection.


Many parents rely on the in-flight movie to keep their kids of all ages entertained, but what if there are none that your teen’s really into? Even worse, what if they’ve seen all the movies on offer? If your teenager is planning to take an iPad or tablet device on the flight, it might be a good idea to download some movies of their own onto it beforehand just in case they’re not a fan of the movie being shown in-flight. You can download plenty of different movies from iTunes or Google Play which can then be watched on your teen’s device without having to be connected to a network.


Playing games can easily make a flight fly by (no pun intended!) in no time at all. So, making sure that your teen has all of their favorite mobile games installed and ready to go on their device can help you make sure that they’re not complaining of boredom half-way through the journey. The great thing about mobile games is that once they’re installed, you don’t usually need an internet connection to play unless you have chosen the multiplayer option or have linked the game to a social networking account. Your teen may even be able to download a whole range of their favorite console games such as Fifa 16, Mortal Kombat X or Need for Speed in mobile application format, meaning that there’s no need for them to miss out on one of their most-loved hobbies just because they’re on a long haul flight.

With loads of suggestions out there when it comes to keeping little kids happy, parents of teenagers can often wonder what to do. They’re still kids, after all – and everyone can easily get bored on long flights no matter how young or old.


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