You’ve read about private jets a million times, the lifestyles of the rich and famous are filled with stories or luxurious planes, decadent dinners and tropical locations. Most of us are unlikely to be taking regular private flights, except when on business or for special occasions, such as for honeymoons or whirlwind proposals.

We assume that the prices for these flights makes them unfeasible, but can private jet charters ever be affordable? Aviation broker, Bespoke Air Charter say it’s possible, and advise on how to get the best for less:

Smart private fliers use empty legs

Empty leg charters are one way flights that become available at a much reduced rate because a client has only book to go one-way. As a result, the private jet already needs to make a return journey. Often, the client who has booked to go one way has paid an increased price, meaning the overall cost for the return flight can be subsidised.

Of course with empty leg charters, there are still limitations. For example, those booking would have to be subject to some of the typical commercial airline restrictions, namely time, place and set dates. However, what you gain is superior seating, private boarding and no queues.

Private jet

Avoid busy times of year

It might seem like obvious advice, but the same applies for private charters as it does for commercial flights: flying is always more popular around major holidays. The cost of each flight is determined by availability of runways at airports and numbers of available jets.

With private flights, travelling from smaller airports, there is a more limited number of private jets and they carry significantly less passengers than jumbo jets, meaning they are filled faster.

While there are some apps to help you find flights on private planes, allowing you to compare prices yourself, speaking with aviation brokers themselves can ensure you get a better offer. Brokers can offer direct advice, using their connections to pilots and airports to advise you on where you can get the best rates to suit when you want to travel.

Group with other fliers to share the cost

If you’re flying as a couple or small group and don’t mind sharing your cabin, you can also save on the overall cost of flying by private jet charter by sharing a plane. As each plane is booked by the total number of seats, you can divide the cost by getting your broker to group you with others travelling around the same time.

Cabins are spacious and relaxed environments, meaning that a group of 6-8 people, even if you’re two groups who don’t know each other, won’t impact your comfort.


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