This might seem like an odd statement in that Texas only has one natural lake, but over the years a great number of manmade lakes began to pop up and now when you want to take the family on vacation at the lake in Texas, you have plenty to choose from. Some are designated as reservoirs only while others allow recreational activities such as boating, fishing, swimming and even zip lining across and on the shore. If you are looking for someplace interesting to take the family on vacation this summer, why not visit one of Texas’ lakes, each more beautiful than the one before. In fact, these lakes are so lovely that you just might want to own your own piece of shorefront property like that I saw on my last holiday on Rough Hollow Lakeway. According to local realtors, this is the leading reason why newcomers inquire about lakeshore property in the area.

Pace Bend Park in Austin - Texas

Once Upon a Time There Were None

The question is often asked why there are so many lakes that are manmade in the State of Texas. Most people, even Texans, may not know this bit of state trivia but there was a time when there were no natural lakes in the state whatsoever. Caddo Lake in the eastern part of the state was oddly formed when a log drifting in flood waters jammed, damming the water behind it. It wasn’t until the early to mid-part of the 20th Century that man began digging ‘lakes’ but for reasons you just might not imagine.

Water Water Everywhere But Not a Drop for Me

Texas was historically a land of contrasts. When it rained, it poured. When it was dry, there was a drought of major proportions. Actually, the reason why State and local officials began digging manmade lakes was because of a history of devastating floods that were the result of torrential sub-tropical rains that hit the area during hurricane season. Lakes were built to divert and hold floodwaters and over time became reservoirs for agricultural and human consumption. Now many of those lakes provide some of the most interesting recreational activities in the state where visitors can go camping, boating, fishing, and swimming, and there is even one lake that has a major zip line attraction.

The Best Lakes for Camping in Summer Months

Of the lakes that are a major summer camping attraction in the State of Texas, three have gained a huge amount of notoriety because of the beautiful landscape in which they are located. Each summer visitors come from within the state as well as other states around the country to spend quality time outdoors in:

  • Inks Lake State Park
  • Lake Bob Sandlin State Park
  • Ray Roberts Lake State Park

One other camping location that is ‘on’ the water is Big Thicket National Preserve, but that is more like a swampland that you must canoe into and out of. There are few roads in the area and for primitive camping, this is the ideal location.
Whether you are looking to buy lakefront property that is part of a community like Rough Hollow where there is everything from a café to a yacht club or simply looking to spend a few days next to nature at one of Texas’ many lakes, summer is almost upon us and now is the time to make your plans. Enjoy the Lone Star State in ways our predecessors could only dream of – on the beautiful waters of lakes in Texas.


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