There is nothing more annoying whether you are just about to catch a flight to somewhere you need to go or even if you are flying back home. When you look up at the board to find your flight details, and then you see it, your flight has been delayed or even worse cancelled. The frustrating thing is there is nothing you can do about it but wait it out, or come up with other viable options. When it comes to delayed or cancelled flights you may have a claim, if your flight arrives three or more hours late and you are travelling out of the EU or on an EU airline. If that is the case you will be entitled to delayed flight compensation, as long as there were no extraordinary circumstances for the delay or cancellation.

Morning Flights

The best way to avoid flight delays or cancels is to nab a morning flight, a study has shown that one third of all delays and cancellations are caused by maintenance issues, two thirds by weather conditions. Delays and cancellation occur throughout the day, meaning that there is a higher chance that if you flight later in the day that you may suffer with these annoyances. However even if your flight is in the morning and it gets cancelled, you will still have the rest of the day to catch another flight.

Hub Airports

Although this point mainly applies to places like America due to the nature that they have international and regional flights. You don’t have to avoid hub airports but be aware that they do deprioritize small regional planes as bumping affects fewer passengers and costs airlines less money than rerouting an Airbus. If you happen to be flying out of a big airport, try not to book a flight into a small one.

Make Checks

There are many websites in which you check to see which flights get delayed and cancelled the most. As you would imagine the next time you book a holiday or need to fly somewhere you will most likely avoid the airlines that have the most delays.

Don’t Check Bags

This thing to remember can apply to a number of different scenarios. When you are travelling via the best thing you can do is pack a small bag of essentials and don’t check your luggage. If your flight is cancelled or delayed once the airline has your luggage under the plane then you will find it difficult getting it back if you have rebooked a flight. The other good reason not to check your luggage is that airlines loose multiple pieces of luggage each year.

Grab a Room

If your flight happens to be delayed or cancelled, sometimes it is best just to roll with it as the chances are of you getting another seat on the next flight is slim. Then just book a room in a hotel close to the airport, if you’re not flying anywhere you may as well get a good night sleep and try again tomorrow.


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