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Savers Paradise: 5 Best Locations For A Budget Holiday In Europe


No matter how hard you’re trying to save, and what you’re saving for, now and then you need a bit of a break to relax and get back on your feet again. But a holiday doesn’t have to be extremely expensive, and this particularly applies to travelling to and around Europe. It’s important to remember your passport and EHIC whenever you travel around Europe so you can ensure that your trip is completely hassle free. We’ve put together a list of the 5 best locations for a budget holiday in Europe, so you can save and go on holiday at the same time.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is one of the cheapest countries in Europe, and also offers some fantastic food, drink and accommodation options. Getting to Budapest is easy, and it can also be quite cheap with a budget airline such as Ryan Air, where they often do deals for one-way flights for as little as £9.99. Once you’re out there, you’ll find that the cost of living is extremely affordable, with the price of a pint of beer averaging at the equivalent of £1 and in 2014 a Post Office Travel Money Survey named the city the most affordable destination for the second year running.

On top of this, research suggested that an evening meal for two win wine, drinks, two nights’ accommodation, sightseeing and transport would cost less than £117 in Budapest. Budapest is a small city where you can walk from one side to the other in no more than an hour depending on how fast you walk, so transport is not necessarily an additional cost – other than getting from the airport to the city. With many clean, tidy and affordable accommodation options, Budapest will always be one of the best locations for a budget holiday in Europe.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is becoming ever more popular when it comes to budget holidays, for many of the same reasons as Budapest and other Eastern European destinations. With warm climate and being a huge tourist destination, particularly for the likes of stag dos and hen dos, it is now known as the Alpha global city making it a huge importance for European economy. There’s plenty to do and see in Prague, with accommodation being some of the best and most affordable in Europe. Even if you’re only planning on a budget break for a few days, there’s plenty of tours that you can take part in to make sure you see everything you want to, before you go home.


Lisbon, Portugal

In Western Europe, Lisbon is the cheapest European city with a beer costing on average just over £1 (as of 2014). Whether you’re looking for fairy-tale castles or vibrant city and night life, Lisbon offers it all, at a price that you can afford even if you’re being strict with your saving. The coastal city comes complete with pastel-coloured buildings, a café culture and plenty of museums, Atlantic beaches and hilly backstreets.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Getting to Dubrovnik can be the most expensive part of this holiday, but with budget airlines like easyJet leading the way, getting there is no hassle whatsoever. Budget accommodation, beautiful climate and plenty of things to see and do, leaves Dubrovnik on average one of the cheapest locations in Europe to go to on a budget break.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Another Eastern European city, the capital of Lithuania, offers a different look to European culture than the likes of Budapest, Prague and Dubrovnik. Vilnius is known for its baroque architecture, and with its medieval old town and partially cobblestoned streets there’s plenty of religious shrines and Gothic cathedrals that are certain to take your breath away. To give you an idea of just how budget-friendly Vilnius is, travel to and from airports or train stations from the city centre cost just £1.58 (as of 2014).


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