Australia — the best place to look for thrilling and adrenaline pumping adventures, beaches and bars to hang out in, and laid-back destinations to relax with friends or family. It has everything you will ever need on a vacation trip, but in New South Wales, you will definitely get more than what you expected.

New South Wales perfectly blends the glitz and glamour of city life, the old-world charm and vibe of its history, and the natural and picturesque landscape that surrounds it. If you are planning to go on an Australian trip, this is the perfect place to start. Other than a cultural experience at the Sydney Opera House or a fun film marathon at Hoyts Cinema in Erina Fair, here are top things you should do on your New South Wales visit.

The Snowy Mountains

Snow? In Australia?

Yes, there is a place in Australia where winter can be experienced, and that is in The Snowy Mountains at New South Wales. Visit the mountains during winter and enjoy various winter sports like skiing. But if you visit during the summer, do not fret. You can go hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, or fishing.

Byron bay

Byron Bay

What is an Australian vacation without a trip to the beach. There is something unique about Byron Bay, though. Imagine a very chill day with friends or family, on your left is the lush greenery of the tropical rainforest, and on your right is the turquoise waters of the sea. Imagine digging your toes into powdery sand as you down a whole can of that cold drink.

It is the perfect picture, right?

Stanwell Tops

Another place that offers a very chill vibe is Stanwell Tops, but it does “laid-back” with a twist. You can still get the best out of sand, sea, and sun; but imagine if you can watch the whales swimming through the seas. That is right, whales is usually spotted here. With at least 45 species of whales swimming the Australian waters, it would not be possible to miss one of these sea giants.

Minnamurra Forest

After spending the day out at sea, try a change in setting by walking through a forest. Within the Budderoo National Park is the Minnamurra Forest. It is what you would expect from a forest: thick and lush greens and beautiful hidden waterfalls. And you know what else? Wildlife; various kinds of wildlife.

It is definitely an Australian trip if you get to immerse yourself in nature just by walking through a place filled with diverse flora and fauna.

Kiama Blowhole

Kiama is actually a coastal town in Sydney, and their natural blowhole makes for a unique stopover. The water can spray upwards for up to 25 metres. If you walk on further, though, you will reach the Seven Mile Beach which is a long mile of beautiful coast.

When it comes to unique holidays, there really is nothing quite like a trip to the outback. A perfect dose of thrill and adventure, with a dash of casual and laid-back, then topped off with relaxation and comfort.


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