There are not so many people in the world who don’t like traveling. Journeys inspire, encourage, enrich our inner world and allow us to distract from negative emotions and boring daily routine.

In our life it happens that certain unforeseen circumstances may appear in the most unpleasant time; just a year ago, you decided to plan a journey together with a good friend of yours, but suddenly something went wrong. The thing that pops up in the mind is to stay home and cancel the trip. But after a while, a person may recognize that such situation doesn’t necessarily have to ruin your plans and take away a chance to have a great time during such a long-awaited vacation. Why shouldn’t you take the risk and discover new horizons alone?

Sometimes it might be even easier to make a solo travel, than to search for a suitable companion. Why? Take into account that a sociable and cheerful person will always find a company (even this person had to travel alone), while introverts would feel much more comfortable by spending their holiday alone. If the second option sounds more like something you would enjoy, you should be ready to accept the fact that such experience will have both advantages and disadvantages, and in this article we will assess some “pros” and “cons” of traveling alone.


1) In the search for “Yourself”

This is something college students would find interesting. Being a student is difficult both physically and emotionally, as this period of human’s life is assumed to be defining because at this time a person is experimenting and establishing their individuality. A huge plus a single voyage is an opportunity to spend some time alone with yourself to understand and accept your personality, to abstract from the reality and come back to school with new ideas, fresh mind and positive emotions. Search for some cool solo trip ideas and make a plan. We advise taking just a small back pack as this will allow you to visit as many places as possible; don’t forget to try new things, meet new people, explore new cultures, and then you are guaranteed to receive tons of unforgettable bright memories!

Travellling alone

2) Full freedom of actions

You and only you can schedule your trip. If you had decided to travel on your own, you are free to make all the important decisions – where to go, how long to stay, what places to see, where to stay, and all the other nuances will depend only on your decision.

3) Possibility to follow the rhythm you are used to

You are not tied up to the rhythm of life of the one who goes with you on the journey, instead you get up and go whatever time you wish. It might not seem as such a big deal. But we all have different habits and are used to different styles of life, and this can become a big issue between a few people who are traveling together.

4) Emotional content of your holiday

You can fully absorb all the beauty and charm of new countries, you are completely open to new people, new experiences, and you’re just surrounded by an aura of positivity that strangers will feel. New friends are good bonuses for those who like to travel alone. Also, traveling on your own may help you to learn how to understand maps and routes, to navigate in a new city, to practice a foreign language and in general, to feel more confident and independent.


1) Security issues

No one is immune from unpleasant situations as they can happen to anyone, and being alone in such situation is rather tough because there is no one around who could support and help you. Thus, while traveling alone, a person must carefully select destinations. Usually, some of the biggest and the best cities in the world have higher rates of criminals than smaller towns.

2) Missed classes.

This is one of the biggest issues that students can face because due to missed classes they risk failing their tests and academic papers; today there are tons of opportunities that can ease this matter, you can buy essay papers and forget about paper writing during your holidays.

3) Together is always fun

It is always good to have someone to talk to in the evenings or in the transport on your way somewhere, and when you went to travel alone, it can be more difficult to entertain yourself, but it is a valuable experience.


The world around us is beautiful and it still has many undiscovered secrets. Traveling without a company may seem difficult at some point, but it is a priceless experience that can teach you many new things and help you to uncover your personality. Going on a journey alone is a challenge, but the results will impress you. And to make your vacation unforgettable, look through these awesome places to travel alone!


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