Do you love wine? We have a treat for you! No, it’s not free wine. Rather, we will provide you with a quick look at some of the best destinations that should be part of your bucket list. In these places, wine is a big part of their culture. You will discover a lot, apart of course from being able to sample some of the best wines in the world.


Being the fifth largest producer of wine in the globe, there is no wonder why Argentina is a country that will be promising for wine lovers. Before, they were more concerned about quantity of the wines that they produce. It was in the 1990s when they shifted their emphasis on quality, and from then on, Argentine wines have been globally popular.

Among others, it is the Malbec grapes that gave Argentina its reputation as one of the best wine regions in the world. It is grown in the Mendoza province, which is also the source of 60% of the wines produced in the country. Its intense colour and aroma will surely leave you in awe. It grows in hot and dry climates, which is why Argentina is perfect for it. Aside from such, there are other species of grapes that are grown, including Torrontes, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon.



When you talk about wine, France is definitely one of the places that will often be mentioned. There are many grape varieties that have originated from France, but are now planted all over the globe. Many of the wine-making techniques utilized around the world have been also inspired by traditional French practices.

Amongst the many wine destinations in the country, Bordeaux is perhaps one of the most popular. It generated more buzz lately when its wine museum opened, which is the first of its kind. This is the best place to find great wines in the country. There are other destinations that are equally promising in terms of the experience that they can provide to any wine lover. Some of these places include Provence, Burgundy, Loire, Champagne, and Alsace. To make the trip perfect, you could stay in a rustic villa, and enjoy the local wines from your own haven.

South Africa

Since 1659, it has been asserted that wine is already part of the South African culture. The rugged mountains and excellent climate in the country is just one of the many reasons why it is an attractive region for growing grape varieties that will make great wines.

Having a tour of the wineries in South Africa will be a memorable experience, but planning can be challenging. With too many options, it is hard to decide which goes in your list and which could be missed. If you want to reduce the stress of planning, have your trip organised by a South Africa specialist, and follow an itinerary to suit your needs.

One of the places that you should visit is Readers Restaurant, which is situated in an area that is less crowded. Fyndraai Restaurant, located in a 320-year old estate, will definitely be worth your time as well. Basse Provence, meanwhile, is not only a good place to enjoy wine. They also have a bed and breakfast. When it comes to popular winemakers, make sure to also visit Nabygelegen, Glenwood, and Chamonix.


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