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England: 5 strange things you never knew


Let’s assume that you passed Geography at school and know that the UK is not the same as England, right? Not everyone is clear about what is and what isn’t! But surely there are many historical facts or details about England you still don’t know. If you plan on traveling there for tourism or to learn English, read on and you’ll get to know some of the most curious things about the country!

1. English is not the only language spoken in England.

In England, more than 300 languages of the world are spoken, because it’s very multicultural. In fact, did you know that 21.8% of Londoners were born outside the European Union? It’s country of great racial and cultural diversity, very rich in terms of language and customs.

Typical London

2. Most of the world drives on the wrong side: the first cars were driven on the left

Actually, cars used to travel on the left, when horses and carts still existed that is. Most people are right-handed, and therefore if the driver were to whip his horse, he wouldn’t hit the person coming from the other direction.

3. The English drink 165 million cups of tea a day

Tea is one of those typical British customs, dating back to the era of the industrial revolution. Normally only the upper class would drink tea, but today everyone does. But don’t confuse “tea time” with drinking team if a Brit invites you in the evening. “Tea time” is actually another way of saying “dinner”.

4. There are places that you will not find anywhere else

The luxury hotel that bears the name of the Beatles song “Hard Days Night Hotel” is one example of something you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Each room is themed with different motifs of the famous British band.

Another curious place is the people of Cockington, an English village that looks like something out of a fairytale! There are also charming villages that you must go and visit such as Hambleden or Cotswolds. Be sure not to miss them.

5. London is the largest city in Europe

Did you know that in the nineteenth century London was the world’s largest city? It continues on the top the list as the largest in the continent. If you are traveling to London you will see how big it is, because if it’s your first time visiting, you’ll have to come back and see it again! There is never enough time to see everything this city has to offer.


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