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Pro Tips for Saving Money on Travel 


Almost everyone dreams about traveling. Usually, we can meet more travelers among young people, and especially students because they are not yet burdened with work, home matters, and family responsibilities.

There is a more important issue. Many people have the impression that the journey is necessarily something very expensive, and students with low budgets can’t afford it; however, you can avoid spending too much of money by following these cheap tips for traveling.

Spend your money away from the tourist zones.

You will be amazed, if you go a few blocks further from main touristic areas, restaurants, hotels, entertainment zones, as everything that is situated away from such popular destinations is much cheaper than where the tourists live. It is possible that if you visit few places that are far away from the city center, it will help you to better understand the local culture, people, and traditions, get immersed in their way of life and also will significantly reduce budget travel.

Explore the area via the Internet before you go there.

Within the Internet there are many guides for different destinations. Before you go to a certain country or city, define and plan a set of actions; there are many travelers ‘ forums, travel guides, where you can find a ton of tips about the place that you chose for your journey. Most cities now have so-called “tourist pass” and if you think about it in advance, you can even get discounts on public transportation and other services.

Avoid swindles.

When you visit the forums of travelers, make sure that you are aware of the local “unsafe” places because, unfortunately, there are frauds in every country! Besides, frauds and crooks are becoming more and more resourceful and you will not be able to avoid all unpleasant situations, but you must remember — the more informed you are, the safer your trip will be!

Save on housing.

If you have a friend in the country that you want to visit — ask him or her to host you and it will save you sufficient funds, or it it’s not possible, then try to find friends who have friends overseas and make sure they will be able to let you in for a couple of nights. Also, there are sites like Couchsurfing where you can meet people from all around the world who are willing to accept guests from abroad. But here you need to make sure you won’t get in an awkward situation. Also, take care about the matter of safety because we should not forget that there are different people and, unfortunately, not always they are honest and kind.

Check your phone before you travel.

Matters with mobile phones are among the biggest hidden costs during vacations abroad, so you will have to make sure that your data roaming is turned off and always check your mobile operator for rates before you leave.

Try to avoid cashless payments abroad.

Banks often charge an additional fee for ATM withdrawal in other countries; of course, it would be good to take your card with you, but if you are going to pay with cash, it will save you some money!

Be careful changing your money into foreign currency.

Make sure that you are going to change money in a decent currency exchange office and don’t change them immediately at the airport because most likely there you will be charged big fees!

Order your tickets early.

The cheapest tickets should be purchased between 3 months to 3 weeks before your flight day, so try to plan your movements and flights in advance and buy all the necessary tickets.


Book parking spot near the airport in advance.

As well as plane tickets, if you reserve parking spot in advance, you will save money; or if you want to decrease expenses even more – then leave your car in the garage or ask a friend to keep it while you are gone. This will not just save you some save money, but will also give you confidence that when you return, your car will be safe and sound, and you can get to the airport by the taxi or ask someone about a ride.


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