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3 things to bring with you on holiday to Europe

Travel3 things to bring with you on holiday to Europe

If you are planning a holiday trip across Europe, you should add these items to your checklist. Obviously, you have planned a wonderful ride and have replacement batteries for all of your devices. Keep in mind that travel means get out of our control zone and move to another city or country where will occur unexpected things; that’s exactly what makes travel so exciting.

Try to do not overplanning on your ride. If you spend months reading travel guides or watching Youtube videos about your destanitation, probably you will discover you made your trip before to move yourself; then you will have some tedious days just saying “I know it”, “I saw it”, “Now we will find a big statue around the corner” and things alike.

It doesn’t mean you should make every holiday a Thelma & Louise escape, but you must follow the basic rules for every travel about vaccination, money, credit cards, identity documents, telephone numbers, insurance, and all of the things an experienced traveler will describe as basics.

Anyway Europe has some specifical points to be numbered and you should check how complete is your cheklistst after reading the following points:

  • some no-flashy clothes. Althought tourists are easily identifiables by their clothes (bermudas, T-shirts and caps or hats), you should review your travel plan because there is some monuments where anyone can’t enter with too sexy clothes. Not only the inner Vatican City but many churches and religious buildings and museums around the continent, call for “respectable” clothing. Some of them are even more fussy with the women and require a skirt.
  • the health card, the famous EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), provides you with the same coverage that all european citizens have. Keep in mind you will receive exactly that: the same public health service that every european citizen will receive, so if you travel to a eastern country inside the European Union, you will receive exactly the same treatement with the same equipment and the same professionals the destination country provides to its nationals. You can’t say “Hey! My EHIC is british so I deserve an individual room  in the hospital, all-free treatments and even a new glasses for free.”. If you want high quality private services, you must pay its price, and contract private (and costly) insurance. If you travel to a country outside the EU borders, you only have the private option.
  • electric adaptors. Most hotels are ready for different types of electrical plugs but if you do not travel from hotel to hotel or you are smartphone-dependant, you should check the electrical plugs types in your destination because it’s easy to find yourself with an empty battery, and a gentle waiter offering an electrical plug, just to discover they have the local configuration and your charger is useless there.

And, of course, do not forget to get with you a pair of wide open eyes, and a big smile in your face; it makes the travel an enriching journey .


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