The holidays are a time for celebration, recreation, and relaxation, and people all across British Columbia are eager to partake. However, just because there’s a lull in the rush of everyday life, doesn’t mean that you have to go far for a memorable holiday experience. In fact, the best fun you can have this holiday might be in your own backyard!

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Nestled in the charming Tsawwassen Peninsula, the region is graced with fair climates and exceptional seasons. Its proximity to the coast enriches the land with a lush biodiversity, making it a nature lover’s paradise! In addition to the wildlife scene, Tsawwassen has a diverse cultural history. The peninsula is the ancestral home of the Tsawwassen First Nation (a Coast Salish People), who are thought to have settled in the area over 4,000 years ago. Several ancient villages have been unearthed in the area, giving scientists a unique insight into the area’s past. The archeological findings are conveniently located at the Delta Museum and Archives in Ladner Village. With the clean, easy to navigate neighbourhoods throughout the region, it’s easy to find something for everyone to enjoy.

With so much do in Tsawwassen, it’s important to plan out your travel arrangements. For the best experience in exploring the peninsula, it’s recommended to travel by car. If you don’t own a car (or circumstance is keeping yours from the roads) don’t worry! When it comes to car rentals Tsawwassen has just what you need for zipping around in convenience and comfort!The people at a rental company like Delta Car Rentals have a quarter century of experience helping locals and visitors plan their holidays perfectly. They have a variety of quality cars at special rates that make your trip feasible. If you’re going to the coast (and need a little extra space), make sure you rent a van or truck to get everything you need for the trip. If it’s a family outing you’re planning, a simple sedan may be perfect for you! Just remember to check the rental company to make sure that they have plenty of experience, so they can set you up with what you need.

The holidays are a wonderful time to take a break from the constant bustle of life. Remember, you don’t need to spend money on airfare to get the relaxing experience you want. With car rentals Tsawwassen becomes your ultimate travel destination, and all you have to do is pick a place on the map. Just don’t stress about where to go first. After all, it is the holidays!


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