Planning a holiday can get pretty hectic. There’s so much to remember and organise that it can be a little overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to be. If you know how to plan your holiday properly you could be on your way to a stress free holiday.


Booking the flights isn’t that difficult, but if you have any issues with flying it’s best to think about them while you’re comparing prices. Are you looking for luxury or affordability? If you have any kids, what are they like on a plane? Booking in advance can make the prices a bit more reasonable and if you or your family have any special requirements then you should double check that the airline can accommodate you. If you didn’t pay to choose your seat s in advance you should also check in online when you can and double check your seating number if you have children. Some airlines may separate families on the plane, so you should phone ahead of time if your young children are separated from you.

Car parking

Booking the flight is one of the easier parts of planning a holiday. How do you intend to get to the airport, and how do you plan on getting to your accommodation? If you’re driving to the airport you should book your airport parking in advance. You can also compare airport parking prices on websites like to make sure that you’re not paying out the nose for a parking space.


Whether you’re staying at a hotel or renting a cottage in the country, make sure you thoroughly research you accommodation before you book it. Depending on what you hope to get out of your holiday, you would probably need different types of accommodation. If you’re looking for night life and day trips around the tourist spots you should book accommodation that’s in reasonable proximity of the attractions you want to visit,. You should also take into consideration how accessible your accommodation is and how you intend to travel around the area. If you intend to cook your own meals you would also benefit from finding accommodation in reasonable proximity to the necessary shops. This will help you avoid a food shortage during your stay.


Luggage, for some, is one of the most complicated parts of travelling. You can never be sure of exactly what you’re going to need until you get there, but you can do a bit of planning. First you should research what you are and are not allowed to take on your plane. If you have any important medications you should always keep them close at hand during your travel. If you intend to buy a few souvenirs it would be useful for you to have some things in your luggage that you can easily part. If you bring some old clothes instead of brand new ones you could easily swap them with whatever it is you would like to take home with you. You can take all of your souvenirs without taking home an extra bag.


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