A camping trips is just a ride with more contact with nature than a hotel trip. You will discover doing for yourself things you receive every day magically in your house (to open a faucet and have clean water, for example); in the nature, these things are not so “natural”. In the other hand, you will be moving in a controlled environment with a nice tent and some gadgets and, probably, more people around you, with more tents and more gadgets, so you should not view your camping trip like an exploration of unknown lands with never seen landscapes and terrible beasts.


When you plan your next camping trip, please, try to be realistic and think in the easy usual things and tools. You are not an explorer to discover a new world with a knife and a small tube of ointment for bear claw wounds. Be sane.

This is a small list of three things to have a better camping trip. Do not forget to add the tent, the clothes and the food, of course!

Inflatable mattress

Ground is incredibly hard and cool to sleep on. Experienced people will ask you wonders about any kind of mats, lighter than wind and comfortable as a sofa. They are lying! If you are young and strong, and walk twenty miles walking up and down mountains, you could sleep over the camp fire. Else, an inflatable mattress (at least three inches thick) will isolate your sleeping bag from ground so you will not lose heat, and stay comfortable. Do not forget to buy a small foot inflator or you will fall down groggy.

Multi tool

No. You do not need a survival knife to camp. There is an incredible variety of knives and some of them are really cool: anyone can fell like an invincible explorer with such a wonder knife in their hands but they are pretty useless for camping (or even dangerous). In a camping trip, you will be all of the day making small cotidiane tasks, like to open a bottle or a can, cutting some bread or getting off a thorn from your hand, and here is where a good multi tool will be your best friend. Look at reviews for the best multi tool here and do not forget to wear it tied with a little paracord (light parachute rope) and a carabiner to your belt because the penknife and the multi tool are the first thing that is always lost in nature.


Camping doesn’t mean go back five thousand years. You won’t go to the mountains wearing a rabbit fur dress, isn’t? The technology gives you wonderful coats, and these incredible pieces of engineering called Bic lighter. TV survival documentaries talk about the ability to make fire with your own hands, and they try to sell some ridiculous tools to make fire, based in magnesium and strange fire starters alike. Don’t be silly and buy a cheap blister with three lighters and you’ll have all your needs of fire covered for the next ten camping trips.


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