Travelers worldwide expect quite a lot from a hotel experience. The food, room services, housekeeping and so much more; but respect goes both ways. So it is time to brush up on some hotel staying etiquettes to get the best out of the stay.

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  1. Positive Attitude
    Firstly, smiling, saying “please” and “thank you,” and having a positive attitude will go a long way. By asking politely, you can get all the help you need during your stay.
  2. Treat furniture and fixture with care
    Hotel expects the furniture and fixture in the room to stay as it is. If something is faulty on your arrival, notify the contact desk immediately.
  3. Keep the noise down
    As guests in hotel can have variable resting hours, it is best to keep voices, television volume and music low at all times.
  4. Housekeeping Manners
    You have to be respectful to the people who clean your room. Don’t answer door unless fully dressed. Leave the room when they start cleaning to make their job easier. Put trash in trashcan and put pile of dirty towels in bathtub or shower area.
  5. Pool and Gym rules.
    Read the pool and gym rules carefully. Be considerate of the cultural norms of Dubai while dressing.
  6. Store items in respective places.
    Do not leave your belongings on floor. Try to place them in cabinets. It will make the vacuuming easier.
  7. Using own utensils.
    If you bring your own utensils, make sure they are not similar to hotel’s.
  8. Kettle usage.
    Don’t use the kettle for other purposes like boiling noodles. Use it for water only.
  9. Lights and AC
    Turn off lights and air conditioning when not in the room.
  10. Valuables in Safe
    Store your valuables in the safe to avoid blame game if something goes missing.
  11. Free food from breakfast.
    Never take food from breakfast buffet for lunch. Don’t fill your pockets or purse with ‘free’ food.
  12. What you can take and what you cannot.
    Never take reusable items when you leave. It is fine to take consumables like shampoo, conditioner, soap, and lotions. However, bathrobes, towels, dishes, glasses, mugs, coffee pots, and other objects are there for use only during your hotel stay.

Although it is not necessary to tip during your stay in one of the Dubai hotels, but it is considered polite. You should tip the parking valet for vehicle drop off and pick up, the doorman, porter for carrying your bags, concierge at end and cleaning staff on daily basis.


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