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What to Look for in a Luxurious Hotel


One of the best feelings on holiday is walking into a beautiful hotel room and knowing you have the duration of your holiday to enjoy it. However, a bad or average hotel room can ruin your holiday, because you will feel unhappy with the facilities. Well, you never need to book a disappointing hotel again if you follow these top tips.

Look at the Location

You will never want to miss a beat of a city’s fun during your holiday, which is why you should book a hotel with a central location. While a hotel off the beaten track might be beautiful, you will tarnish your trip if you are forced to flag a cab, walk miles or hop on public transport to visit the best parts of your destination. So, whether you are planning a romantic break with someone special, booking a family trip or are planning a holiday with friends, you would be wise to book a central hotel to make the most of your getaway. Visit Mr Hudson Explores to find your next vacation spot.

Exceptional Customer Service

You go on holiday to relax and have a good time, so you will not want to wake up every morning to cranky staff who offer more of a grunt than a hello. The little touches go along way during a hotel stay, which means a welcoming smile, a warming hello and a pleasant goodbye will determine whether you have a lovely time or are disappointed with your stay.

It is therefore a good idea to visit impartial review websites, such as TripAdvisor, to learn more about past customer experiences. If one person leaves a bad review, the hotel could have failed to meet a guest’s needs or they have let their standards slip on one occasion; however, it might be time to go back to the drawing board if there are many bad reviews.


While the idea of going abroad and turning off our phones might sound lovely, the reality might not be as nice, because you could be climbing the walls for some internet in a matter of days. While you don’t have to connect to the internet, you should opt for a hotel with a strong WiFi connection, especially if you are travelling with children or on business.

A Wonderful View

Select a hotel that offers magnificent views, because you will not want to look out the window and stare at a brick wall. A fantastic view will only add to the luxury of your holiday, so pick a hotel room with great scenery that you will remember long after your trip is over.

Room Service

We don’t want to lift a finger when enjoying a break away, because it is our time to relax and unwind. That’s why you should opt for a hotel with room service, so everything you need is just a phone call away. So, you can request an iron, drinks service or can simply enjoy a meal in bed.

Laundry Facilities

If you plan to stay in a hotel for a week or more, you may need to access laundry services at some point to freshen up your holiday clothes. Visit the hotel’s website to see if they provide laundry facilities, because they may provide a dry-cleaning service or offer a washing machine and dryer.


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