When it comes to packing for your holidays, there are many different aspects that you need to think about. You need to ensure you pack the right clothing and accessories, any entertainment and gadgets that you want to take along, essentials such as medications, any tickets and itineraries that you have, and much more. One other essential that you need to think about when it comes to your holiday packing list is your toiletries. People tend to take a wide range of toiletries on holiday with them, particularly if they have their own personal favourites that they feel they may not be able to purchase where they are going.

When you are purchasing toiletries, one thing to bear in mind is that you should always try and go for smaller or travel sizes bottles and jars because otherwise the weight of your toiletries will eat into your luggage weight allowance. Another thing to remember is that you should think ahead and order your toiletries in plenty of time, as this could help you to save money. Ordering ahead of time means that you can benefit from the great deals available from retailers online rather than having to head to more expensive High Street shops. Retailers such as superdrug.com offer access to a wide range of toiletries including skincare, hair and body products. In addition, you can use latest vouchers from VoucherBin to make even bigger savings when you shop with these retailers, which means more money in your pocket for your holiday.

Essential items you should take along

There are a number of essential toiletry items that you should take along with you on your holidays, whether you are going to a short period or for a long-stay holiday. Taking these essentials along means that you can rest easy in the knowledge that you have everything you need to take care of your skin, body and hair while you are away. Some of the essential to pack in your toiletry bag include:

  • Shampoo and conditioner: First off, never assume that the hotel you are going to will have complimentary shampoo and conditioner, as this is not always the case – particularly if you are stopping at a budget hotel. Also, even if they do have these products they may not be suitable for you or to your liking. Therefore, take along some shampoo and conditioner that you know you will use and that you know will be suitable for your hair.
  • Body wash: Of course, you will want to take a daily shower while you are away on holiday so make sure you take along a good body wash. If you are heading somewhere hot, a nourishing or hydrating body wash is a good idea to keep your skin soft and protected while on holiday.
  • Razors: Unless you have your legs waxed, make sure you take along a good razor to keep those legs hair-free and smooth. This means that you can sit around the pool to sunbathe in confidence rather than having to worry about having stubble or hair on your legs and under your arms.
  • Face products: You need to make sure you maintain a good skin care routine while you are away, particularly if you are going somewhere hot where your skin will require additional hydration. Make sure you take along a good face wash and Exfoliator. Also remember to take along your cleanser and toner to keep your skin fresh and clean. Moisturising while away is obviously essential so take along a good moisturiser that you can use day and nights. Also, don’t forget about extras such as eye-make up remover if you plan to wear make-up while you are away.
  • Body products: Make sure you take good care of the skin all over your body while you are away. Again, if you are going somewhere hot you need to make sure that all of your skin is kept well hydrated so take along a good, high quality body cream or butter so that you can apply it daily to keep your skin soft, supple and hydrated.
  • Oral care: Don’t forget about your oral care products when you are packing your toiletries ready for your holiday! Take along your favourite toothpaste and, of course, pack your toothbrush. Take a spare toothbrush or two just in case. Also, you can pack a travel sized mouthwash if this is a product that you tend to use. To complete your oral care products take along some dental floss or sticks so you can keep those teeth super-clean while on holiday.
  • Deodorant and body spray: One final essential that you should take along in your holiday toiletry bag is deodorant and body spray. You can opt for the solid deodorant if you want to try and reduce the weight of liquid products.

These are just some of the key products that you should add to your list when planning your toiletry packing for your next holiday.


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