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5 Essential Tips When Renting Your First Villa


Are you planning to go on a long vacation? Consider renting a villa instead of booking a hotel room. Villas are sometimes more convenient and cheaper than hotel rooms, especially when going on a family vacation. You can negotiate for lower rates and additional benefits or services that you cannot get in a hotel. If you have not tried this accommodation option before, here are essential tips you should consider when renting a villa.

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1. Determine What You Want

Before you start shopping for a villa, determine the kind of experience you want for your vacation. Homeowners offer different rates depending on the facilities and additional services offered. Do you want a villa that comes with cleaning services or do you prefer one with dishwashers and washing machines? Consider the location as well. Do you prefer to stay in town or out of town? Such considerations will help you select the most convenient and suitable villa in your destination.

2. Compare Rates

Once you determine the kind of experience you prefer, start shopping for villas that meet your criteria. Check the rates from different owners in the area. Renting villas instead of hotel rooms is becoming popular among travellers. Consequently, many homeowners are considering this venture and offering discounts to attract customers. You may find a villa with new facilities at a low rate if you check all the listings. If you have the means and are feeling generous you can rent out a villa and use it for refugees housing to help them out until they get settled in the country.

3. Call the Agents

Look for online agents such as propertytrader.ae to get the information you need about villas for sale in Dubai and other top locations. Many agents include photos of the villas to help travellers make a quick decision. Call the agent instead of sending emails or online messages. You can get more information on the phone, quicker. In addition, the agent’s responses will prompt you to ask new questions about the villa that you had not thought about. If you cannot find what you are looking for online, describe your preferences to your agent and ask for referrals. Agents have more information about rentals in their area than you can read online.

4. Get a Written Contract

A written and signed contract protects you, your agent, and the property owner during your stay in the villa. Ensure that the contract outlines all of the expenses that are included and excluded in the base price. The contract should also specify the procedures for handling property damage or your dissatisfaction with the facilities. Consider taking out insurance cover in case of unexpected occurrences such as lay-offs or sickness. Anything can happen during your vacation and affect your ability to meet the cost of your stay.

5. Prioritise Emerging Destinations

You can save your accommodation costs and have a new experience by travelling to new destinations. Villas available in such destinations are cheaper than those on offer in popular destinations.

Renting a villa is a great idea for your upcoming vacation. However, you need to read all of the terms and conditions of the rental contract before signing it to avoid incurring additional costs.


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