Traveler’s paradise, Europe adorned with versatile beauty of nature; diversified culture; enriched historical background, classical antiquity, is the birthplace of Western civilization and land of enigma. Every year millions of travelers visit various European countries to satiate their wonder lust. The best European countries are portrayed here.

1 # Austria – The destination for nature lovers

The Federal republic state of Europe is perfect destination for nature lovers. Austria is full of enthralling landscapes. Travelers can enjoy the beauty of Alps all through. Austria is ideal place for hiking vacation. The soothing climate of Austria influenced by Atlantic climate includes four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter.

Delicious dishes are another main attraction for travelers. Organic foods, mouth-watering desserts, traditional drinks, vibrant wine, conventional beer, coffee house culture make Austria a land of enigma. Vacationers can also use European Health Insurance Card while travelling Austria for medical emergency situation. View more on the EHIC website to get more information on EHIC.

2 # Croatia – The land of picturesque landscapes

The exotic place is ideal for a quiet vacation located on the shore of Adriatic Sea. Traditional architecture, beautiful scenarios, perfect weather is other exclusive features of this country. The country is heaven for backpackers for those who love travelling independently since the country is very safe. Croatia is the heaven for foodies since you can get delicious dishes here, which include fresh pastas,

Croatian prosciutto, risotto, fresh fish, palatable desserts and exclusive sweet dishes Croatia is a country having more than thousand islands, virgin beaches, beautiful climates, unique culture, eye-catching landscapes, travel-friendly infrastructures, glittering sea beaches, unique, delicious dishes. Travelers can avail European Health Insurance card facility while visiting this country.

3 # Hungary – Land of architecture

If you are a lover of antique architecture, magnificent heritage sites, a royal palace, church, catholic art and buildings, Hungary will be the ideal destination for you. The world heritage, ‘Andrassy UT’ must be strolled along once. Here you will get to see the Hungarian Opera House along with the wonderful Alexandra bookstore. Budapest is famed as the food capital from the late 19th Century. You can also taste the world’s most renowned wines in Hungary. Lots of restaurants are there to offer you delicious dishes in the cheapest rate. Your European Health Insurance Card will allow you to access public healthcare provided in Hungary at a cheap cost, or sometimes for free.

4# Germany – Where medieval age blends with modernity

The bewildering scenery of Germany starting from dune- fringed sandy beaches of North, dense green forests at the centre, dazzling beauty of Alps; endless vineyards, spectacular sights of glaciers are the integral part of delightful natural milieu. The birthplace of Einstein, Karl Marx, and Martin Luther is high on history.

Delightful dishes and drinks will add rich coating to your beautiful memories. Germany is perfect blend of medieval ages with modernity. If you are fond of classic architecture Gothic style, Germany is heaven for that. You can enjoy tensionless trouble free stay at Germany by carrying European Health Insurance Card with you.

5 # FranceThe land of fashion carnival

The land of film festivals, art and culture, famed artists fashion, gourmands, gastronomic delights is known as most visited country in the world. Travelers can enjoy the captivating attractions from Matisse’s coastal villages to Marie-Antoinette’s pastoral escape inside Versailles. Vineyards bedspread the wine provinces, cathedrals crowns, and sandy beaches cover the coastline.

Top destinations of France are Paris, Nice, Cannes, Avignon, and Bordeaux. The French capital, Paris is the abode of some of the most important monuments and world magnum opus, where you can find the Eiffel tower, the Louvre Museum, the Champs-Élysées and so much more. You can always access medical facilities at minimum charges while travelling to France by using European Health Insurance Card. View more information on EHIC on our official website to apply for the heath card soon.


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