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Go traveling solo and get the right shoes


One of the things we should keep in mind every time we plan our vacation is the shoes we are going to wear. We always think of the swimsuit if there is beach, in the heel shoe if we go out at night, in the backpack, the camera, the hat …

The truth is footwear is something as important as it is to wear sun cream for the beach or a coat for the winter, just as it is very different to walk through a city with a temperature in summer does not drop below 35 degrees Celsius, to do hiking, or staying all day on the beach practicing water sports. We all know which shoe we like best and which are the most comfortable we have, but if your plan is to do tourism for a week, it is best to buy a shoe suitable for the region you are going to visit.

Rome, Italy

Prep for an epic journey in Rome, indulge your senses and get inspiration from highly fashionable people. Feel empowered and go on a long walking experience and wear your Maya Sandals from Chaco. Perfect everyday sandals to wear with dresses, and pants. Feel comfortable, stylish in your Msandals and visit ancient sites of the Roman empire like the Roman Forum and Pantheon. Walk to the Vatican City and Saint Peter’s Basilica. Count on your sandals durability in your Rome stay and get ready to explore the piazzas and cobble laneways; and bring a water bottle and refill one of the city’s fountains.

South Island, New Zealand

Go for exciting activities, like whitewater rafting, skydiving, hiking and bungee jumping; be comfortable and lightweight. Feel like you are wearing slippers as you walk downhill and enjoy breathtaking views. Best of all if there are no laces, so you can continue on your trek trail to the lake, walk around the coastline, hike the mountains. These sturdy shoes will help you enjoy New Zealand and have lots of fun in this beautiful place.

Costa Rica

Get your adrenaline going, get your heart pumping and go for a thrill in Costa Rica. Fulfill your thirst for adventure, go for an extreme hike and opt for sporting style shoes. These shoes provide full arch and heel support and good grip protects your feet. So you can relax and enjoy nature at its best. Wear this ultra breathable shoes with or without shoes, and get ready for an an unforgettable Costa Rica experience.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Enjoy Danish culture, feel part of the cool kids club, rent a bicycle and go on a bike tour. Go easy on your feet, feel comfortable, go for the perfect fit shoes and op for sandals. Explore the city, pedal your way to the Danish Riviera. Keep biking wear your sandals all day and feel no pain on your feet. Go for a friendly bike ride in Copenhagen, pass the countryside, admire the English gardens of Tullgarn Castle. Go for a quiet bike ride around the Baltic coastline before heading back to Copenhagen.


Find your happy place, get your thrill for adventure going and trek the Mayan ruins. Let nothing stand on your way and get ready for your next historical stop in Guatemala, get OutCross 1 Shoes from Chaco. Trek comfortably, see an active volcano, and learn some Spanish. Get good traction and top of line support to carry on with your trail and make it through. Enjoy Guatemala and experience the great landscapes and warming people.

Please remember next time you go to tourist routes or places as wonderful and warm as Costa Rica, that to taste its history, tradition, joy, sun and art, the footwear must be correctly chosen to favor the walks and that feet should not ruin your tourist route.


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