Located off the coast of Italy is a gem of a visiting destination.  Sardinia is an Island the popular holiday destination for the population who are looking for a holiday to dream of.  Renting by families is probably the most common way to enjoy a trip there and renting holiday villas is the way to go, but many like to go with a self-catering holiday apartment there.

The Island is rich in culture as well as its long history together with its superb scenic coastlines. The nightlife is perfect for both old and young tourists with a traditional Italian feel but with the personal touch of being littered with many mainly small bars and other places to see and go especially if you are looking for a romance in a nice little romantic restaurant.

The main thing about what you can do in Sardinia is to experience some incredible mountain biking with spectacular tracks while if you like golfing and hiking it’s also the place to be for these.  Lots of people will make the trip here just for the thrills and adventures related to biking.  The other must do things here also include steep climbs for the cliffhanger or climbers out there.  Sardinia is the perfect place to be for all of these things and on the ground much more. The mountains of Sardinia have many tales to tell for the avid walker with the hot sunny weather to boot.

With wide open areas the wild lands of Sardinia enhance the experience if you and your loved ones enjoy the great outdoors short walks or hiking is one of the most incredible places to go and every tree tells a tale. The mountains of this wonderful place are not really hard to climb but host the most peaceful and pristine areas you would want to visit if you like these kinds of experiences. With legendary golfing courses at the top of the destination list for the avid golfer, many go just to enjoy these world-class courses dotted with villas to stay in all around you.

Next on the list is the water sports facilities they have provided.  These are some of the best waters and jam-packed with opportunities with everything from surfing, diving, waterskiing and all manner of watersports to choose from on the waterline.

Sailing trips are abundant with many options to choose from whether you are looking for an all night boat disco or a trip around the local Islands, fishing trip or other they have it all.

The Wind is another factor while it is hot and sunny but due to its geographical location, its excellent wind conditions provide perfect conditions for the windsurfer.  Fantastic barrier reefs are another experience the dives or even snorkeling buffs can enjoy and not to forget the incredible sea life swimming all around you.

Whether it’s exploring the beaches all around you is another best-loved thing to do in Sardinia. The area is literally tipped off with marvelous sandy beaches let alone the crystal clear waters are simply perfect for having a sunbathe, swim and relaxing break.  While there are a large number of isolated, idyllic coves with unspoiled beaches, marine life, and opportunities to explore such the abundant natural beauty. All of these things add up to create the tip top all round place to visit with its terrific views to boot!

Another thing is the festival events held there for the attractions for tourists on the Island and other such events the local community has put on.  No matter what kind of thing you are looking for there you will find your fantastic festival experience for you and your partner let alone the whole family as they are held every week.

With all of this to offer and much more we thought we could give you a little taste of what you will find in these incredible lands no matter what you are looking for there is a flavour for everyone just waiting for you here in beautiful Sardinia!

Come and Enjoy!


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