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Why Florida Is The Perfect Place To Vacation

TravelWhy Florida Is The Perfect Place To Vacation

Choosing a vacation destination is difficult. There are so many options and there’s a lot to take into consideration as you’re deciding. Do some digging and make a list of practical possibilities that are within your budget. Narrow the list down by whether you’re more of a beach goer, or prefer adventure.

If you’re someone who likes the sunshine and sand, then Florida is the perfect spot for you. There are many reasons why vacationers choose the Sunshine State as their desired location. If you’re not convinced yet, it’s time to take a look at why Florida is the perfect place to vacation.

Palm Trees

There are palm trees everywhere in Florida. They are such beautiful trees and a reminder that you’re on vacation every time you look at them. There’s nothing more beautiful to wake up to than the green flowing leaves and brown staggered trunks. You can’t get palm trees everywhere, so it’s nice to take appreciation for them when you’re in Florida on vacation.

Warm Weather

A lot of people make warm weather a requirement when they’re going on vacation. There’s nothing like being able to wear your summer clothes and flip flops everywhere you go. The pleasant breeze and beautiful sunny skies shouldn’t be taken for granted. The weather in Florida allows you to wear shorts and tank top and not be chilly. You’re guaranteed beach days because of the hot temperatures. It’s the perfect location for those wanting a tropical destination. Lay on the beach and get a tan or sit and have an enjoyable lunch outside.


There are many different sports teams in Florida for anyone who enjoys watching the various sporting events. Schedule your vacation around event dates and when your team’s in town and cheer them on from Florida in your shorts. Go online and check out the 2017 Miami Dolphins season to secure your tickets. Choose a game that fits in your vacation schedule and pick a day to hang out around the stadium and get the full football experience. It’s fun attending games in cities other than your own.


Florida offers an array of restaurants and cuisines. There’s a spot for everyone in this state. Go online and read reviews of places in the area of your hotel. Use each day as a chance to try a unique eatery. The food’s guaranteed to be different than from your particular area. From crab and oranges to gator and key lime pie, Florida has it all.


If you’re someone who likes to shop, then Florida is the place for you. Make sure you bring your wallet to Florida because there’s always an opportunity to shop. There are wonderful and countless stores that’ll grab your attention and have you spending your money. It’s even fun to just try clothes on and shop around without buying. You don’t have to purchase an item to indulge in the scene. There are various shops ranging from upscale to popular outlets. Malls are easy to spot and there are also standalone shops with exclusive items. You won’t be disappointed if you spend a little time scooping out the shopping in Florida.


There’s definitely a nightlife in Florida if you’re the type of person who craves adventure. If you’re someone who likes to go out and have a good time, then this is the vacation destination for you. There are beach bars to ritzy spots and all sorts of options in between. There are restaurants famous for their food and clubs known for their dancing. There are party spots all over the state geared toward various age groups. You won’t get bored when you’re looking for a place to unwind in Florida.


If you’re someone who likes spending time by the water, then Florida is for you. The beaches are never-ending and the beauty of them will have your jaw dropping. This is the reason most vacationers come to Florida in the first place. There’s not enough time to soak up all the beauty, but you’ll have a nice time trying. Spend all day swimming and soaking up the sun and end your day viewing gorgeous sunsets in the evening. There are white-sanded beaches and family-oriented beaches. The views are like nothing you’ve ever seen and it’s a great way to relax and get the most out of your vacation.


Try a new watersport when you’re in town. This is the perfect place to get your feet wet with a new adventure and try an activity that’s novel to you. There are options for people of all skill levels. If you’re feeling relaxed and want to spend a day fishing, then that can easily be arranged. There are also opportunities to jet ski, wind surf and SCUBA dive in the waters of Florida. Watersports are huge so you’ll have no problem getting your hands on whatever it is you want to test out on your vacation. Look around for chances to participate on the beach or at your hotel.

Theme Parks

The theme parks are very popular in Florida. Kids and families spend days, if not weeks, traveling to the different parks and enjoying the fun rides and entertainment. Many say it’s their number one reason for traveling here. It’s simply magical and will be pulling at your heartstrings. There are rides, food and characters to meet and greet. Kids love it and it’s a great way to spend some of your time. Orlando is at the center of the theme park craze, with Tampa following right behind. If you come to Florida, you won’t want to miss it.


Picking a vacation spot is fun, but also challenging. You want it to be perfect and somewhere you and the entire family will enjoy. Remember that it’s a personal choice and there’s no right or wrong answer. There are so many options available that it becomes overwhelming. Take your time and do your research before committing to a location. These are reasons why Florida is the perfect place to vacation.


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