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British tourist shot in Brazil


An English woman is shot at entering a favela in Rio de Janeiro by mistake

An English tourist has been shot at entering her car by mistake in a favela in Angra dos Reis, a tourist city in Rio de Janeiro.

The woman, 46, was shot in the abdomen, wounded and hospitalized after surgery at the General Hospital of Japuíba, where her life is not at risk, according to police sources gathered by the newspaper ‘ O Globo ‘of Rio de Janeiro.

According to these sources, the woman and her family wanted to buy water, and having asked and had difficulties with the language, they would have confused of direction and entered the community of Agua Santa, where they were approached by the criminals.

This case joins those of Natalia Lorena Cappetti, a 42-year-old Argentine tourist who was shot when she mistakenly entered another favela in Rio de Janeiro and died a month later. Roberto Bardella, 52, was killed when he entered, in similar circumstances, at Morro dos Prazeres, after visiting the Cristo Redentor.


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