Top Four Tips For A Truly Memorable RV Camping Trip

RV camping truly is one of the best ways to enjoy a fun outdoor vacation while also embarking on a relaxing road trip.

Unlike camping in a tent, camping in an RV or travel trailer means that you will have water and electricity, and you’re more protected against the weather as well.

Here are the top four tips for a truly memorable RV camping trip:

1. Write A Checklist Of The Supplies You Need

Writing a complete checklist of everything that you will need for your trip is the most effective way to stay organized and ensure you don’t accidentally forget anything.

Examples of what you will need to bring on your trip include pillows and blankets, sleeping bags for everybody coming, cooking utensils, pots and pans, food and water, an outdoor rug/carpet, and foldable camping chairs.

2. Be Smart About Packing

Even though you have a lot of space in your RV, the number of items that you can bring with you will still be limited. Many beginner RV campers overestimate what their RV is able to comfortably carry.

The best way to ensure you don’t bring too many items is to assign each member of your family a backpack that they can fill up with personal things that they want or need to bring (along with personal hygiene items and extra clothes). This should make packing for you very easy and without taking up too much space.

3. Be Smart About Where You Camp At

The specific campsite that you choose to stay at should be chosen well ahead of your trip. There are many luxuries that your RV campground will need to meet, including: a lake or river for access to water, luxuries and amenities (such as bathrooms and showers), and quick access to areas where you can do lots of fun activities such as ATV/motorcycle riding, mountain biking, mountain hiking, fishing, and so on.

You will also need to make reservations at your campground (especially with private campgrounds), so you will be assigned a specific parking spot at the campsite. Ideally, this spot should have shade and be within walking distance from water.

4. Bring Secondary Transportation

It’s a good idea to bring a second, smaller vehicle with you on your camping trip so you can travel easier from your campsite without having to drive your big RV. You can hook up a trailer with ATV’s or UTV’s to the back, bring a second car (which you could hook up to the back of your RV), or just bring bicycles.

The idea is that your RV will stay parked at your campsite for the duration of your trip, and then you can explore the area either on foot or with your secondary transportation vehicles.

RV Camping Trip

Embarking on an RV camping trip is meant to be fun, not overwhelming. To ensure it is for you, put the tips you have just learned to good use.


  1. Be careful with the place you try to park in.
    Some municipalities hate RV and you will be billed without reason.

    You should add to your trip’s budget, the cost of a paid RV parking.


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