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4 Must Haves On a Vacation With Toddlers

Taking a vacation with kids is something that a lot of people assume will be a lovely experience which the entire family will enjoy. However, frequently parents can be in for a lot more stress than they anticipated. Little ones are often full of surprises and challenges which you didn’t even expect were a possibility. Therefore, being prepared for anything that could potentially happen is the best way to avoid things going haywire.

Toddlers aren’t always difficult, but when they do decide to throw a tantrum, the last place you want to be is on vacation. Here are some of the must haves to keep your toddler entertained and happy while also enjoying your trip.

A Pool

Having a pool for your toddler to swim in can entertain them for hours. As long as you are vigilant and make sure that they are under your watchful eye you can enjoy yourself poolside with your toddler for a long period of time.

Usually, when you are staying in a hotel they will have a pool. Otherwise, if you choose to stay in an Airbnb you may want to search for a pool in your criteria. This may cost a bit extra but when it comes to enjoying your vacation, it’s an extra expense you will want to have for your little one.

A Rental Car

When you are staying somewhere which involves a lot of hills, distances, or intense weather conditions you will want to make sure that you have a rental car. This way you can ensure that you can get from point A to point B without having to get in a cab or deal with public transportation for long stretches.

In addition to your rental car, you will want to make sure that you have a car seat which is usually offered for about $5-$10 per day. This way you will avoid any potential tickets on your trip as well as keep your child safe.

Airplane Activities

During the long stretches of your trip on the airplane, you will want to make sure that your little one has enough to keep them happy. Try to pack movies, games, books, and plenty of snacks. If you can manage to avoid a full fledged breakdown on a plane when traveling with a young child then you are that much more successful than half of the parents out there.

A Stroller

Make sure that you pack a stroller for getting around in the airport or from place to place at your destination. Sometimes you may just want to take a stroll and your toddler may not be up for it or may even take a nap in the stroller on the go.


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