The Benefits of Using Sightseeing Bus Tours

​Planning a city vacation this year? Whether you’re headed to New York, London, or Las Vegas, there’s nothing quite as exciting as seeing the sights and attractions that a thriving metropolis has to offer. However, fitting every must see location into your itinerary can be a difficult and stressful task.

Even with the help of Google Maps, navigating the hustle and bustle of city streets is stressful when you aren’t familiar with the area. That’s where tour guides come in handy, especially Hop On Hop Off style tours. Save yourself the hassle and book a CityPass tour so you can make the most of your trip.

Why Hop On Hop Off?

​If you haven’t heard of this type of tour (many haven’t), then it’s worth explaining how beneficial this way of sightseeing can be. These buses feature tour guides that know the layout of the area like the back of their hand, making them capable of navigating the complex network of the city for you. Their knowledge of the area gives you historical insights and all sorts of interesting facts about major landmarks.

Once you arrive at a famous locale, you will be able to hop off of the bus and explore. This gives you a front row seat, so to speak, to take fantastic pictures as well as get a taste of the culture in the city. With free Wi-Fi on the bus, you can instantly upload your best shots to the social media app of your choice or send them to family and friends.

Afterwards, you simply hop back on and head off to the next sightseeing destination. These tours make it easy to see all that any city has to offer while letting you kick back and enjoy your vacation.

​Where Will You Go?​

There are usually multiple tour routes in any city. These tours aren’t simply a way to see the few main stops, but a way to experience everything the area has to offer.

For instance, a New York tour wouldn’t just feature the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and the newly designed Freedom Tower. It would take you through historic Brooklyn, the artworks of the Financial District, all the way to the Guggenheim and back again underneath the city lights. These tours are extensive, often taking an entire day, and show you everything that makes your destination unique.

​The Buses Themselves​

Hop On Hop Off tours utilize Double Decker buses to take you through the city. Yes, that means you can sit topside on the open roof section and experience the area in a unique and wonderful way. Plus, the top of the bus offers a magical experience once the sun goes down and the lights of the city come on.

What to Do When You Hop Off​

Aside from filling up you vacation album, this is the perfect opportunity to get a taste of the area’s cuisine. Nearly every city block has somewhere to eat. So, take advantage of your time and try out some of the local favorites!

Shops are also in abundance no matter where you’re headed. Since the bus offers plenty of time to explore, why not pick up a souvenir or hit up one of the specialty retailers you won’t be able to find anywhere else? Plus, you can always just sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee or have a midday drink.

​Make the Most of Your Time​

If you want to see every sight, explore the culture, and bask in the rich history of a city, then a sightseeing bus tour is the best way to do so. They offer a once in a lifetime experience for thousands of visitors year in and year out at the world’s most famous cities. Make the most of your time and book a CityPass tour!


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