With so many travel gears online, purchasing one is much easier but so much more confusing. A Practical Travel Gear makes life during your travel easier. Here are ten of them that you will not want to leave behind as you go on your trip.

1. Goplug Power Bank

We all know how frustrating it is when your electronics go off due to no power while on a plane or the road. GoPlug is here to solve this problem. It is power bank that has two USB outlets and an AC input plug. The gadget comes with an app you can use to turn off connected items remotely. The app also shows the device location and the remaining power.

2. Waterproof Bags

Waterproof bags are a travel gear you will need. They protect your items from damage and water. If you are accidentally rained on, your clothes and electronics will stay dry. The bags also protect your belongings from dust and dirt keeping your electronics such as cameras and laptops damage free.

3. International Travel Adapter

Although they are widely available and cheap, you can avoid the hassle of buying different travel adapters by purchasing the universal travel adapter. Choose one that is light in weight and ensure it covers all the regions you plan to visit.

4. Purifier And Filter Bottle

The Grayl Ultralight Purifier bottle is a purifier and water bottle that will make your water clean and safe to drink in 15 seconds. It removes 99% of viruses from fresh water. After putting your water in the bottle, push the top part to the ground and get safe drinking water in 15 seconds.

5. Tracker

Purchase a tracker such as the Tile which is an easy to use app and Bluetooth tracker that will help you spot your items in minutes. The tracker uses GPS technology to know where your items are. If you have misplaced your phone, press a button on the tile and the phone will ring even if you had put it in silent mode.

6. Multi Factional Radio

The Ambient Weather WR-088 Weather Band is a multifunctional radio that has a flashlight, radio and a phone charger that has cables. You will access news and weather information if you need it anywhere you are. The radio comes with a LED flashlight that can self-charge. You can also charge the device using solar or electricity.

7. Disposable Urinal

Sometimes there are no toilets available during travel, and sometimes even if you can access them, they might be very unhygienic. Travel urinals such as Traveljohn Disposable urinals are leak proof, hygienic, odorless and easy to use.

8. Easy To Dry Travel Towel

Instead of carrying the traditional bulky and hard to dry towels purchase the quick dry towels such as the Eagle Creek Travel Towels that are easy to pack and compact. You can also use it as a blanket or pillow during your travel.

9. Headlight

This travel gear will occasionally come handy. They are useful during the day and at night too. It is a better choice than a flashlight as it will light up the environment without you having to aim them where you need light as they follow your eyes.

10. Travel Cutlery Set

This travel gadget can be used for different travel occasions. You can use them during picnics or if you need to take a meal in the park. Ensure the set has a sharp knife that cuts through different foods.


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