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The ABC of planning a vacation to Australia without an agent

TravelThe ABC of planning a vacation to Australia without an agent

Experiencing new cultures and seeing new sites and sounds is one of the most exciting experiences for a human being. Millions of peoples across the world save for years just to make a vacation trip to Australia or any other exotic places a reality. Although it’s common to plan this with travel agent who has offices in the host destination, some people prefer to do things on their own. This can be in a bid to cut costs or simply for adventure and feel they are in charge.

But to make sure the holiday trip is enjoyable, hustle-free and memorable this requires careful and elaborate planning and background checks especially if you are visiting a place that you have never been before. The following are some of the key issues that one needs to take into consideration when planning their holiday trip.

Culture and Customs: This is particularly important if you are travelling out of your country of residence or state where the cultures and customs might be different from what you are used to. In some places it might considered uncouth for women to walk in short dresses, tights or even without head covering. In other places there are special cultural treats reserved for men like sitting in some places or getting served in a certain manner. When traveling to such destinations it’s important to know what is expected from visitors to avoid a clash with the locals.

Weather conditions: Most Australian holiday destinations usually have the dream weather of sun and sand. But it’s important to find out during which months the place is windy or whether there are unpredictable weather incidences. This will not only help you know the months to avoid but also the right attire to pack.

Host country laws and regulations: Travelers are always encouraged to understand the laws and regulations of their host destinations to avoid landing in trouble. There are some countries where things like homosexuality, marijuana and displaying intimate tendencies like kissing in public are prohibited. Knowing such restrictions before hand is always important to avoid ending in trouble or even summary deportation.

Language: Although it’s not a necessity, having a knowledge of one or two phrases of the destination’s parlance or language is one way of breaking ice and making people feel at home around. Besides helping you find it easy to move around if you don’t have a guide, it also improves connections and helps you make new friends around. Having people that you can relate to will be of great benefit to you in numerous ways. You can easily get access to places at almost local rates, you can be linked to local events and festivities to get the local touch or even get an affordable stay-in accommodation. US President Barack Obama has mastered this art and he always utters one or two phrases of the local slung whenever he goes abroad.

Currency strength and conversions: Understanding the currency of your destination always helps in making crucial budgetary decisions like where to stay, visit and fun to engage in. This is because you will be able to know how much worth of local currency that your budget amounts to your abilities and limitations. Since you don’t have a professional guide this will help you avoid getting ripped off or overpaying for services.

Things to do list: Many factors come into play when planning the itinerary or the “things to do list” like budget, weather, seasons and laws most of which can be planned at home if you don’t already have a travel agent. But to have the breakdown one needs to get some information about the place from the destination. For instance it takes a thorough check to know that the road to a certain popular game park is in good motorable condition. If it’s not, you can always strike it off your things to do list and visit another place. Secondly its vital you consider having vital accessories if for example you decide to longe in a camp. Things like Camping Accessories – Camping Australia are necessary if you want a memorable vacation

Travel guide book: Most travel destinations have local embassies or offices where one can purchase or get a traveler’s guide book for free. This is usually a one-stop-text for all the necessities for visiting the place including most of the issues discussed above. If it’s not possible to do this a quick online check will answer many of the queries about many destinations.


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