Busy schedules often deny senior citizens an opportunity to travel around the globe. Insurance companies have realized this fact, and it’s evident from the policies they offer, specifically for senior citizens who want to go on a vacation after retirement.

So instead of having to worry about the insurance companies having a conniption when you travel over the seas, you can plan for areas that are all the entertainment without the “risk” in the eyes of the insurance company.

Here are five trips that are perfect for senior citizens.

Alaska Cruise

If you don’t have a passport yet, but want to enjoy your retirement in a relaxed and serene environment, an Alaska Cruise is a perfect choice for you. Most of the tour companies that offer Alaska cruise packages provide excursions on land where you can go hiking and you can watch bald eagles soar above the water. Alternatively, you can opt to spend an afternoon paddling among the sea otters, whales, and other marvelous aquatic animals that reside in the calm waters of Alaska. You can also lay back and enjoy watching the magnificent glaciers and mesmerizing waterfalls from the comfort of your ship. During your free time, visit one of the Alaskan towns to get a feel for the local cuisines and traditions.

Miami Beach, Florida

If you have been yearning to bask in beautiful stretches of sand, Miami Beach Florida is a perfect choice for you. Just like an Alaska Cruise, this destination has many treats that you will cherish for a lifetime. The outstanding luxurious beachfront resorts will make your stay in this destination even more memorable by serving you the best local and international delicacies and beverages. There are a series of museums such as Wolfsonian-FIU that you can visit to learn more about the history of this impressive city. In the afternoon, enjoy aesthetic beauty of exotic tropical plants, mainly cycads, fruit trees, flowering trees and much more at the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.

California Highway One Road Trip

Escape your hassles and buzzes of the city by taking a road trip along the famous California Highway One that runs along the beautiful California coast. The views of the ocean and the surrounding environment will blow your mind away as you drive along this highway, and it has such beautiful views. This stretch of highway from Carmel to San Simeon is considered the most magical. There are modern resorts and inns along the highway that you can book accommodation in to soak up the ocean views from the comfort of your luxurious room. You can also decide to drive further to Mendocino or San Francisco to make your escapade more exciting.

Sedona, Arizona

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like spending a night in a desert? Well, Sedona, Arizona is a perfect destination that you can get in close contact with the wild desert ecosystem. Sedona is less than a two hour drive from Phoenix and is surrounded by marvelous multi-hued red rock formations that change colors as the weather changes. The mild climate in this destination makes it an ideal choice for outdoor activities such as trekking. You can take a jeep tour around this geological wonderland or go bird watching. After a long day in this wilderness, relax in one of the new generation spas. The vibrant art scenery and shops offer a perfect get away for the senior in your family.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The first thing to note is that Santa Fe is the oldest state capital in the entire United States. The rich history of this destination will make you feel as if you just stepped into an entirely different country. The unique attraction sites, art galleries, and magnificent museums are some of the primary aspects make it a wonderful family friendly vacation destination. All the attraction sites are located in proximity to each other and only a walking distance from the town square. Most people are of the idea that the historic sites in Santa Fe have unique healing energy. The weather is calm throughout the year, and the food served at local restaurants is outstanding. If you love spending time outdoors, there are many trails that you can explore.


There are plenty of options for taking senior citizens on vacation. Remember, their age shouldn’t limit their adventurous spirit, but it’s important to be prepared when you travel with a senior. Keep in mind you can find senior travel insurance policies to cover you while you travel. Should the worst happen, these policies can cover medical expenses, no matter where you choose to vacation.

Where do you take your elderly family members to when you vacation? Any hidden gem destinations like the ones listed above? Share your travel destinations in the comments below.


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