When folks think of the South, they think of swampy, muggy conditions. And yeah, that happens in the Summer, but not every Southern state is Louisiana. Kentucky definitely gets all four seasons in spades. Haven’t these people ever heard the Elvis Presley song, Cold Kentucky Rain? Come on, people! Anyways, after you find out how to check your KY traffic ticket online, here’s what you’ll want to do to make sure you’re prepared for whatever Kentucky’s roads have to throw at you:

Bring the Chains and Ice Scraper in The Winter

Snow and ice can sneak up on you in Kentucky. If you live in a rural area where you may wind up having to drive at five miles an hour across snowy dirt roads, you’ll be glad you packed the chains in the trunk. An ice scraper is a necessity, as well. You will also want to make sure that your car is sufficiently Winter-proofed. Top off your anti-freeze and make sure your heater works.

Leave Early

It’s not the rain that gets you out on the road, it’s the slick roads after the rain. If you’re heading out in, or immediately after, bad weather, you’ll want to give yourself some extra time to get there. Plan your trip to be about twice as long as usual, and you won’t feel the need to rush along roads that are slick with ice or rain.

Check Your Emergency Kit

An emergency kit should, at the least, contain a flashlight, road flares, a first aid kit and a cell phone. Anything else can help, too, like water and food and so on. Even if you never get into an accident, you may find yourself needing to help someone who has skidded off the road into a telephone pole. Just because you’re a safe driver doesn’t mean everyone else is. Be prepared for everything, keep your batteries fresh, and replace anything that’s expired.

Consider an Advanced Driver’s Education

Taking an advanced driving course can help you in more ways than one. First and most obviously, you’ll be a safer driver. Keeping your car, and yourself, in one piece is reason enough to consider attending Kentucky traffic school. It can also help you with your auto insurance. You’ll get a discount just for going, and you can shop around for insurance providers that offer bigger discounts than what’s legally mandated. You can also have points stricken from your record entirely by attending traffic school, and you may be able to attend traffic school as an alternative to paying a ticket (you’ll probably still have to pay legal fees, but the price on the ticket might be waived).

Let Your Car Warm Up in The Winter

If you just hop in your car, start it up and take off, you’re putting a lot of undue stress on the engine. If you want to go longer between repairs, it’s not a bad idea to sit in your car and let it warm up for a good ten, fifteen minutes before taking off. Take that time to finish your coffee, check your emails, whatever. But if you let your car warm up, you can ease it into the day rather than risking the engine breaking down from the sudden stress of running at full speed after freezing in the cold all night.

Safe driving is about more than just how you behave on the road, it’s about preparation. An ounce of prevention, as they say, is worth a pound of cure.


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