Getting in touch with nature can be a stress reliever. The more in tune we are with nature, the more in-tune we are with ourselves. It is a beautiful thing to explore nature, to feel the sun kiss your face as your eyes wander the landscape surrounding you. Exploring is exciting; seeing new places and learning new things is important in life. If you are looking to get in touch with nature, these are the top five places to explore around the World.

Torc Waterfall, Ireland

Torc Waterfall is located about 5 miles from Killarney in County Kerry, Ireland. The waterfall cascades down into a clear pool of water and is surrounded by luscious green. You have three trails you can take: blue for easy, yellow for moderate, and red is for difficult. There is an upper and a lower parking lot. The lower parking lot is about five minutes from the waterfall, so it is easy access with flat ground so anyone can see this magnificent cascading waterfall.

If you are looking for a longer hike (about 2-3 hours) I would suggest the upper parking lot. If you continue this way, it will lead you to a series of trails that have been carved into the mountain side, and loop you back to the parking lot. If you take long way, be sure you have some comfortable hiking shoes! Don’t have a good pair yet? Here are some good hiking shoe recommendations.

Fundy Trail, Canada

The Fundy Trail is located just outside of St. Martin. This gem has been hidden for many years, and is now open to hikers and bicyclists. Southern New Brunswick holds a rare beauty, it is one of the last remaining coastal wilderness in North America between Labrador and Florida. The winding trails lead you to 3 discovery sandy beaches, and a 15 metre waterfall that will take your breath away, and you can get a look at the world’s highest tides.

This is a trail you would want to plan spending the whole day exploring and discovery! Be sure to wear some good hiking pants, there are a lot of thorny bushes along the trails. You can read about some good pairs of hiking pants on

Akame 48 Waterfalls Trail, Japan

This unique trail is located near Akamech-nagasaka, Mie, Japan. Akame 48 Waterfalls doesn’t really have 48 waterfalls, but there is a large number of waterfalls in the area. The trail is great for all skill levels and accessible all year round.

During the summer you may come across giant salamanders, and in the winter you can experience the exquisite elegance of frozen waterfalls. This is a shorter trail compared to the first two, at about 5 miles, but just as magnificent.

The Ancascocha Trail, Peru

The Ancascocha Trail, also known as the Hidden Inca Trail, is more strenuous than the first three, but is very fulfilling. It’s one of the least well known alternative treks, but according to the National Geographic, it is on the list of World’s Top 20 Hikes. It is located in the Andean Mountains in Peru, and is 34.8 miles long.

That is about a 4 day trek! Along your adventure you will summit sheer passes up to 15,817 ft and gaining more than 6,400 ft throughout the course of the trek. The Ancascocha Trail is by far the most rewarding experience you will encounter along your adventures.


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