Goa is one of the top tourist destinations for anyone who loves beaches, sunsets, and picturesque locations. Considering the beauty of beaches in Goa, it is hardly surprising to see visitors heading towards the famous beaches such Baga beach, Calangute beach, Candolim beach, Anjuna beach, Vagator beach, etc. As a result, over the years the most famous beaches of Goa have been totally commercialised and are packed with crowds around the year. For those who do not enjoy crowded beaches (seriously who among us does), here is a list of offbeat beaches in South Goa that are yet unexplored and have not lost their rustic charm.

Hollant Beach

Hollant Beach is a serene and secluded beach which is quite close to the Bogmalo Beach. Also known as the Issorsim Beach after the closest village, this beach daunts a shoreline with shallow waters and beautiful corals. The shallow waters coupled with minimal currents make this beach a perfect spot for non-swimmers and waders. The water at the beach is reasonably clear and if you are lucky, you may even see the corals with the naked eye. There are no major shacks or hotels as the beach still remains non-commercialised.

Galgibag Beach

The Galgibag Beach is a truly remote beach due to its location on the southern end of Goa at almost 45 km from Margao. Lined with pine and coconut trees, the Galgibag beach is one of the cleanest beaches with crystal clear water and glistening sand. The beach is deserted with just a few shacks selling seafood and alcohol. The state-run program of saving and protecting the Olive Turtles is operational at the northern end of this beach. Visitors can also catch a glimpse of turtle eggs between December to February. Due to strong currents, swimming at the Galgibag beach is not recommended. You can hire cars on rent from Savaari Car Rentals to reach this amazing place.

Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach is an offbeat and unexplored beach in the true sense due to its remote location. The beach is situated on the Butterfly Island to the north of Palolem beach. The beach is not accessible via road, the only way to reach this place is by a boat ride from Palolem Beach or a two hours trek through the heavily forested area. Due to the high level of difficulty involved in getting at Butterfly Beach, not many tourists visit this place making it an ideal destination to unwind in solitude.

Cabo De Rama Beach

Cabo De Rama Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in Goa. Located at 2 km from the renowned Cabo De Rama Fort, this beach is visited mostly by locals and the offbeat travellers. The shoreline is lined with beautiful palm trees making the beach an ideal picnic spot. The waters at the beach are with greenish blue hue. There is also a small river flowing at the north of the beach which is shallow enough for non-swimmers to enjoy the waters. Swimming in the sea is relatively safe, yet one needs to watch out for sharp reefs and occasional strong currents. You can hire local Goa cabs to reach the Cabo De Rama Beach.

Cola Beach

The Cola Beach is an off-beat beach in south Goa offering incredible natural beauty. Alternatively, known as Khola Beach, it is located close to Agonda and Palolem beach yet remains largely unexplored. The beautiful beach is set in the backdrop of coconut groves and blue skies. There is a freshwater lagoon connected to the sea which is perfect for swimming, fishing, and enjoying the waters. The Cola Beach is an unspoilt beach that offers you a tranquil experience away from the crowded beaches and tourist destinations of Goa. The ideal way to save money and explore all these beautiful beaches is to hire a car on rent in Goa rather than relying on point-to-point taxis or public transport.



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