Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The City of Gold welcomed around 15 million overnight tourists last year and expects the local tourist industry to grow by around 8 percent in 2017. Whether you are smitten by the iconic Burj Khalifa, fancy going on a desert safari or love uncovering fascinating stories behind architectural marvels, a trip to Dubai must rank high in your travel bucket list. To avoid inconvenience, consider buying a Dubai tour package as the operator will take care of everything from booking tickets to arranging for your stay, helping you focus on planning your trip better. One of the commandments written in stone for travelers traveling to alien countries is researching about the law of the land well in advance, and Dubai is no exception to this rule. The city does not take any violation of local laws well and has in the past come down hard on violators. Even if you are aware about the broader aspects of federal laws, there are some seemingly innocuous things that may spell trouble in Dubai, and are socially unacceptable. To help you avoid landing on the wrong side of the law, the post lists some such things. Take a look.

1. Swearing on Social Media

For everybody, social media is an important part of our life. Many of us often vent our frustration and anger against a friend or an acquaintance by abusing, trolling, and writing demeaning posts about them. Though, in many cases people get away with this objectionable behavior, swearing on social media can spell trouble in Dubai. In a recent case, a man was fined 3,000 dirhams for swearing at another man on Whatsapp. In extreme cases, abusers can also be imprisoned or deported to their home country immediately. People swearing in public places can also land in a legal soup.

2. Bringing Drugs in the Country

Though you can bring prescribed medicines in Dubai, you still need to carry a letter by your doctor that the medications were prescribed by them. If, however, you do not have a prescription and a covering letter, it may be difficult for you to bring even over-the-counter medicines, especially anything that has codeine. To avoid legal issues, keep the medicines in their original packaging.

3. Eating in Public During Ramadan

Eating, smoking or drinking in public during the holy month of Ramadan when Muslims fast during the day is considered to be outrightly offensive in Dubai. Even chewing gum can qualify as rude behavior, which is why it is a good idea to enjoy local delicacies in your hotel. Though children and pregnant or nursing ladies are exempted, exercising discretion will certainly go a long way in projecting you as a responsible tourist mindful of the local traditions and customs.

4. Public Display of Affection

Though many European and other countries are okay with couples displaying their affection for each other in public, authorities in Dubai have in the past come down hard on couples engaging in even lesser affectionate gestures. Holding hands is okay for married couples, but you still need to remain mindful of the conservative values of the society.


Dubai is home to a number of attractions. From skydiving to desert surfing, there is a long list of activities you can try in the city, which is why a visit to the city of superlatives must rank high in your travel bucket list. Before you book a Dubai tour package, discuss these things with your tour operator and request them to provide a detailed insight on socially acceptable behavior in Dubai.


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