When people talk about hiking in Arizona the last thing you would imagine is wading or even swimming in pools of water while enjoying the beautiful nature around you. Nothing feels quite as good as climbing to the top of a mountain peak and enjoying a beautiful sunset view. You can even go ahead and visit some of the fall campsites in the Grand canyon. Arizona by itself is home to so many trails thanks to the Grand canyon. Though most trails are found here there is more to hiking here. These are a few of the best locations to hike in Arizona.

  • West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon

Many people will tell you that this is a well walked and used trail. Who hasn’t been on this trail before that surrounds Sedona. Heading out a few miles on the trail can help you escape the noisy tourist town. You can walk more than the two miles that you will notice is the turning point for most tourists. Keep walking past this point to enjoy the spectacular views ahead. Be sure to wear waterproof boots you do not mind getting wet because you may have to wade through a few pools.

  • Grand Canyon

This is where you will find so many trails to climb and enjoy during your adventure. Still one of the most hiked places in the world it is not a wonder Arizona’s Well known for this specific feature. Whenever you are hiking in Indian conservancy you will need to get a permit. One permit is for hiking and the other is for a camping stipend if you stay for the night. You will get to experience those turquoise waterfalls that seem photoshopped in pictures but are insanely real. This is another place to wear your sturdy hiking boots, especially true for women. Its very easy to twist and ankle and the extra ankle support is nice to have.

  • Mount Humphreys

This is one of the most important hiking locations in the state. Any list is not complete without Mount Humphreys. The highest mountain in the entire state of Arizona. You will enjoy using the summer trail which is great for beginners or moderate hikers. The best time to go is during fall as the trees are changing color but you can also go during summer. Try to hike just before sunset or in the morning to avoid the midday sun.

  • Kendrick Peak

If the blazing sun and the extensive trail at the Mount Humphreys trail is too much then you can opt for Kendrick peak.This is a more appropriate trail for someone just starting out on hiking. The trailhead can be reached via a car. You do not have to walk but careful driving is required especially during a rainy season when it gets muddy. The trail stops at a lookout cabin that was built in 1911. This is a great place to stop and snack. You can also rest here before you go on to the summit.

  • Brown’s Peak

This one is for those who love hiking and have done it for a while now. You will notice that there are parts of this trail that can be a bit demanding. You will be required to climb and use your hands a bit when you go to Brown’s peak. The best time to hike is during spring or fall.


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