Ibiza is a recommended travel destination at any time of the year. However, you will not see the same island depending on the time you visit it. The reason is that Ibiza changes along the year, both in its vegetation – in winter the island is green and the almond trees explode in bloom – and in the transparency and temperature of the sea.

Although without a doubt, the most significant change between winter and summer is the increase in population received on the island, due to the arrival of tourists from all over the world, attracted by beaches, landscapes and the offer of nightlife of Ibiza.

A lot to do

This island is the place for liberals and open minds who enjoy dancing and partying at any time, all night, without stopping. Everyone knows the incredible fiesta and the effervescent nightlife that can only be breathed in all its splendor on this magical island …

But in addition to the revelry and the rhythm of music at full volume, Ibiza also offers a lot of relaxation and tranquility. The smallest towns and the most remote corners of the island offer the opportunity to enjoy a quiet and peaceful day full of rest and beautiful landscapes.

In some villages all along the island (Santa Eulalia, San Antonio …) you can find places where luxury meets all that charm, like the Aguas de Ibiza Lifestyle & Spa, and give you the opportunity to have a five stars trip with the best of the island.

Regardless of whether you are more calm or active, you will be surprised by the variety of activities that can be done on this island: there is something for everyone. It’s great to know that every day you can do lots of things without having to repeat them.

When to go to Ibiza?

Ibiza is one of the holiday destinations that, inevitably, are linked to summer. The island has a large number of leisure options both night and day, spectacular beaches and the sun accompanies practically every summer months. In those months it is very hot, although if we have the time to go to the beach, there is no other more refreshing way to spend the day.

In the summer markets of Ibiza you can experience the whole hippie heritage of the Balearic island, as well as find crafts, original clothing for the summer days and souvenirs to take your family. You will also taste the local cuisine and listen to live music.

Every day there is a market in Ibiza but the one you should visit is Las Dalias. Its main day is Saturday but on Monday the Night Market is celebrated, a more relaxed version of the Saturday.

The famous nightlife of Ibiza is one of the best in the world. The paradise of the most experienced dancers and those who want to see live the best Djs on the planet and it is in the summer when, after the spectacular opening parties of the clubs, you can enjoy the nightlife of the island.

In the summer months the offer is very wide, but the demand is very high and we will find good prices only if we have booked a hotel in advance. The most demanded dates to visit Ibiza are July and, especially, the whole month of August.


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