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Smart packing tips for vacationing families with kids


A family vacation is always a lot of fun in the summer, and it doesn’t have to be all that expensive. With just some research, you can easily find discounts on flights wherever you want to go. Airbnb offers alternative lodgings while hotels may also offer discounts on rooms. You can even enjoy alternative parking arrangements or find cheap Pearson airport parking in Toronto.

What can be somewhat confusing, however, is to what to pack for your family trip. Children are notorious agents of chaos, and packing for them can be rather complicated if you’re not properly prepared. However, with these tips you can pack for everyone much more easily.

Make a List

You can’t just pout items in bags as you go along. That’s a sure way of overlooking something and leaving an important item behind. Instead, you can make a list of what each child will need.

You should make a list of clothes to bring along, and you can separate those clothes in advance. You can also make a list of accessories to bring along, including toothbrushes, electronic items and batteries, strollers for the toddlers, and any medicines that may be necessary.

Consult the list as you pack for the trip on the day before you leave, and then when the day comes of your departure you can just grab everyone’s smartphones and mobile devices along with the chargers.

Take into account the stuff that you can buy when you get to your travel destination. Most of the time, there’s no need to pack toilet paper, toothpaste, and soap because you can buy these things anywhere.

Bring this list with you on your trip. That’s so when you’re packing for the trip to get back home, you have a handy guide that will keep you from leaving anything behind.

Let the Kids Have a Say in What to Pack

Kids like it when they’re consulted as they feel more grownup. It also teaches them about responsibility and accountability. If they choose the shirts, then they can’t complain that they don’t think it’s cool, and they have to stand by their decisions!

In fact, if you’re not dead set on a particular hotel you can have your kids help in choosing a room. Just make sure that the choices are all within the same price ranges.

Use Lots of Ziploc Bags

You can use a bag for each complete outfit. So for example, the bag can contain shorts, a shirt, underwear, socks, and maybe the bracelets that come with the outfit. You can also label each bag with the day or the occasion you plan to use it.

Ziploc bags are great because you can see what’s inside and they’re also waterproof. When you’re going on a beach vacation, these bags can help with wet swimsuits.

Let Kids Have One Bag Each

It may be tempting to just have everyone’s clothes in a huge bag, but eventually this can get messy and disorganized. With lots of kids opening a single bag and picking stuff inside, everything gets tossed and turned haphazardly. Also, it can result in a huge bag that’s not really easy to carry.

It helps children learn about being helpful when they can carry their own bags. Also, they learn all about responsibility, as they will carry the stuff that they may insist on taking along. Kids may not be so determined to bring along all their toys when they’re also responsible for carrying them all.


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