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How to make the most of your solo trip in Prague


A beautiful city with stunning buildings and majestic squares, Prague is widely known as the city of a thousand spires. The bridges, palaces, and cathedrals impart the old-fashioned charm of the city that can never be lost. The city offers a variety of amazing views of cultural and historical sights. In addition to this, museums, theatres, and galleries complete the list of major attractions.

With a variety of pubs and clubs playing great music, the city also offers great nightlife. It is noteworthy that the city is a perfect destination for solo travelling and attracts thousands of solo travelers every year. If you are also planning to spend some time travelling alone, Prague is where you should head. Before boarding your flight for Prague, you can check Emirates airlines web check-in a day before to avoid hassle at the airport.

Once you arrive in this stunning city, you can browse the shopping area, navigate to the train network, relax in tea houses, visit Kafka Museum, view exhibits at Pinkas Synagogue, and get lost in the second-hand bookshops or do anything that you want to do. In case, you are a first-time solo traveler, we have listed below some of the places to make most out of your trip to Prague:

Prague Castle

Earlier the home of Bohemia’s kings, Prague Castle is now the official resident of Czech Republic’s President. The castle presents the ancient architectural style that takes visitors to the ancient times giving them memories to cherish forever. Some of the attractions here include Old Royal Palace’s main hall, the Royal Summer House, Ball Game Pavilion, the Vladislav Hall, and Lion’s court. You can get entry to the castle with a ticket that is valid for two days.

The Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock

One of the popular tourist attractions, The Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock are the must-see for all the tourists. The clock shows moving statues and visualization of time in an amazing aspiring way that lasts up to 45 seconds leaving all the viewers awestruck.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in Europe and has a total of 32 unique points of attraction. It has been constructed in perfect alignment with the tomb of St. Vitus. The bridge is quite spectacular with the views of fine statues, River Vltava and Gothic gates of the building.

St. Vitus Cathedral

Built over 600 years ago, St. Vitus Cathedral is one of the most endowed cathedrals in Europe. Besides the religious proceedings, the coronations of Czech kings and queens used to take place there. You can treat your eyes with the scenes from history and the legends- St. Adalbert and St. Wenceslas that have been designed on the bronze door.

The Municipal House

One of the great and finest examples of Art Nouveau in the city, The Municipal House takes the visitors to the ancient era. It is known as the national heritage building where one can enjoy the amazing concerts, balls and fashion shows. The genius locus of the place is surrounded by the paintings and sculptures which include paintings of masters- Josef Maratka, Alfons Mucha and many more.

The National Gallery

The National Gallery offers amazing views as it is the boasts of the splendid architect. The gallery house has important European’s art collections with an emphasis on Czech artists. You can also find several forms of applied arts, photography and sculptures.

Prague also has a good number of expat bars which include Bar No. 7 where you find the lively and friendly atmosphere, best when you are tripping solo.

So, when travelling solo, make sure you have booked your tickets online. Also make sure to miss those long queues, and check Emirates airlines web check-in which will save your time.


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