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Taking the kids to Florida this year? Don’t forget to pack these items


If you plan to join the thousands of families who will be heading to Florida this year to enjoy the sun, the theme parks and the beaches, then you must ensure that you are properly prepared. Whilst Florida is a wonderful destination for families, complete with all the infrastructure and the wide range of activities, it can be a stressful trip for Mums and Dads, so preparation really is key. We have put together a quick checklist for you on some of the important items which you must remember to take with you or prepare ahead of the journey, let’s have a look.


The ESTA is the electronic visa which is required in order to enter the United States. This document is vital as you will not be allowed to enter the country if you do not have one. The ESTA visa can be applied for online and if you are from one of the many countries which entered into the Visa Waiver Program, you must ensure that you and all of the family have valid visas. You can apply easily online, and get the answer straight away.


You and your kids are going to want to snap a lot of photos during your trip so be sure that you have packed one for everyone. Giving the kids their own cameras – I’d recommend the disposable cameras – can really give them something exciting to look forward to, as well as giving them their own responsibility. I would suggest that unless your phone has a sensational camera, that you opt instead for a traditional camera, in order to get the best shots.

Sun Protection

Florida is not called the Sunshine State for nothing, and you can expect searing hot temperatures here. With this in mind it makes sense that you are properly prepared when you pack, ensuring that you include sun creams, hats, and warm weather clothing. You can of course buy everything that you need once you are there, but that would take time away from enjoying your holiday, so try to pack it all before you go.

A Plan

To truly get the most out of Florida you must have an idea as to where you plan on going, and on what days. The reason for this is that parks get super full, tickets go fast and you also need to think about the logistics in terms of getting to the attractions. If you already have a loose itinerary before you go, that will give you the chance to pick up some cheap park tickets online, ensure that you have made enough time for each activity, as well as being able to research what exactly you want to do once you arrive. Holidays can be better without a plan, but not Florida, a vacation here is a different beast entirely from a relaxing break, so be sure to get that plan completed.

Get planning now, and your Florida trip is sure to be a memorable one, for all the family.


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