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Planning to take a road trip this spring? This article can help make it a stress-free event!


When it comes to the best times to take a road trip, Spring is right at the top of the list. Or maybe it’s Winter…or Summer. Actually, there isn’t a bad time of the year to take a road trip! However, if, this Spring, you and your friends are all going to pile into your car and take off for a weekend or a few days, below is some great advice to help make your adventure a pleasant one for everybody involved.

Everything Good Starts with a Plan

And a road trip is no exception. Start by sitting down as a group and discussing all of the aspects of the road trip. A great way to start is by asking yourselves the following questions:

  • Where are you going?
  • When do you want to/will you arrive?
  • When will you leave?
  • Who will be driving first?
  • Which route will you take?
  • Where will you stop along the way for breaks?
  • Who will be driving during each shift?

These questions will help the group to get started and organized.

Can Your Vehicle Make It?

The worst thing that can happen on a road trip is for the vehicle to break down. This often happens when a motorist doesn’t maintain their vehicle correctly or has been ignoring a problem. If you aren’t 100 percent sure that the vehicle will get your group to your destination and back not only safely, but comfortably, look for another option. A Budget Rent a Car coupon  is the easiest way to go about hiring a car for the trip, with a range of comfortable and safe vehicles to choose from.

When choosing which car to drive, remember that you will be spending the majority of your time in the vehicle, so be sure that it fits everybody comfortably.

Why Is the Driver Responsible?

It can be easy to assume that the driver is responsible for everything to do with the road trip. And while they are responsible for some aspects while they are driving, everybody shares the responsibility to ensure everything is packed and nobody has forgotten anything. For this reason, create and divide a list of essential items which must be packed, such as:

  • Healthy food to keep your brain happy and awake
  • Delicious snacks to keep your body happy and awake
  • Water
  • Soda
  • Games to play along the way
  • Chargers and battery packs
  • Headphones
  • First-Aid Kit

If there are any other items which you all want to remember to take, be sure to add it to the list before you all start to pack your items. As you each get into the car, ask each other about the items on your list.

It wouldn’t hurt to spend a few extra minutes understanding what the auto insurance covers as well, whether there are exempted minimums or maximums and which drivers are covered, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Don’t Go Crazy!

It can be easy for passengers to become agitated during a road trip, especially if something goes wrong. For this reason, set a few ground-rules before you head off to keep everybody in check. For example:

  • The driver chooses the music and volume
  • If you are listening to your own music, use headphones
  • Lower the window when eating smelly foods
  • Everybody puts in the same amount of money for car and trip expenses

Following the above tips will get you and your friends on the right track towards a stress-free and entirely enjoyable adventure!


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