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6 reasons every woman needs to travel alone at least once in their lives


Travelling alone is utter perfection- getting lost in old city walls or picturesque mountains and being completely at peace with your surroundings. Taking in the fresh air, without someone pestering you with the strict itinerary.Though it may seem scary, going on solo travel is something every woman should at least try once. We are not denying that travelling with your family and friends is less fun. But it’s not a compulsion to always have a company to see this beautiful world. So, here are seven reasons stating why every woman needs to travel alone at least once:

1.- To Boost Your Confidence

Most of the times women are unwilling to travel alone because they are scared. They feel that managing things on their own is a difficult task. Some even feel that solo travel is not a safe thing. But all your fears and inhibitions vanish when you actually travel alone. And this, in turn, boosts your overall confidence.

2.- To Explore the Inner You

Women need to travel alone to discover their inner-self. Solo travel will give you a chance to explore your true potential. It will give you time to interact with yourself, understand yourself better and finally, increases your bonding with yourself.

3.- To Become Independent

Solo travel is one of the best ways to get independence. You will get the undeniable sense of freedom that comes without rules, guidelines or help. Each day will be a mystery, and it’s completely up to you to make the most of it.

4.- You Get a Chance to Prioritise Your Likes and Interests

Travelling alone is one of the best ways to prioritise your likes and interest. For instance, you can eat or drink wherever you like, visit places at your own pace, and have fun the way you want to.

5.- It’s A Learning Process

Solo travel is a part of the learning process of life. It gives you a chance to interact with different types of people, improves your decision-making skills and teaches you to manage difficult situations all on your own.

6.- Let’s You Come Out of Your Comfort Zone

Travelling alone is one of the best ways to break free from your comfort zone. You can actually try out things that you would have never tried if you were travelling with your family and friends. Also, you no longer have to care about looking your best 24/7, get ready in under 10 minutes in the morning, or rely on others for their opinion.

Few More Tips for Your Solo Travel Adventure:

  • Make all travel arrangements beforehand
  • Check if the places that you are planning to visit are safe for women
  • Be a Ninja! Carry your self-defence tool – The famous ‘Pepper Spray’
  • Keep copies of all the travel documents with you
  • Make sure that you carry enough cash
  • Learn to be alert and have emergency numbers handy

But Most Important- Purchase Travel insurance!

If you are travelling abroad, let’s say to USA, then opt for travel insurance India to USA. This travel insurance India to the USA will help you in following situations:

  • Overseas emergency medical assistance
  • Theft or loss of baggage or travel documents
  • Compensation for delay
  • Arrangement in the event of trip termination
  • Emergency extended accommodation
  • Flight Cancellations

Concluding: Travelling solo isn’t a word or an adjective found in the dictionary…. it is a feeling of discovery. Of freedom. Of self.


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