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The great importance of road line markings regarding safety in Australia


When it comes to road line markings in Australia they can never be understated. They play a very real and significant role when it comes to promoting safety regarding traffic on our roads. These line markings provide essential information and also important instructions to motorists and drivers about where they should and shouldn’t be on the road. They instruct about where your car should be positioned, they tell us about the road alignment and many more things. When you see these road markings on the roads, they have been put there by line marking contractors who use very technologically advanced machinery to do so.

They Are There For Everyone

Line markings in Melbourne are not just there for cars and motorists, but they are also there for pedestrians as well. There are a number of road deaths reported in Australia every year and many of these accidents are caused because of the lack of road markings when they were required. Road markings ensure that cars are where they should be on the roads and pedestrians are also walking where they should be. Line marking is essential as it tells drivers where their lane is and this is where they should be driving. This prevents crossovers into other driver’s lanes and keeps everyone safe. The line markings need to be easily seen and need to be re-applied when necessary.

A Great Countermeasure

Putting the necessary road markings on roads is the responsibility of the government and so it is crucial that they choose a contractor who is experienced, who knows what they are doing and has all the necessary equipment to do the job right the first time. Road markings need to last and they need to be legible for motorists and pedestrians. Line marking has proven itself to be the best countermeasure ever introduced onto Australian roads and has saved countless lives over the years. Centre lines and edge lines, for example, have reduced deaths by as much as twenty percent over the years and central lines have reduced accidents by as much as thirty four percent.


It is essential that the road markings are visible both in the day time and at night and we must also be able to see them in heavy rain and if the road markings and lines are not legible, then accidents are sure to happen. Older drivers also have difficulty seeing lines that have faded over the years and as Australias population gets older, we need to take this into consideration when marking the roads. Traffic fatalities are more likely to occur at night and so improved night-time visibility due to better road markings is what is required.

In Australia line markings are everywhere and they indicate where we can park and how much space we can take up, they are used on pedestrian crossings, in car parks and there are hazard markings everywhere that are designed to keep us safe. They are an essential part of road safety and it is important that line markings are completed so that the end result is precise and it lasts.


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