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The unstoppable growth of sports tourism


In sports tourism the main reason for the trip is the practice of sports activities in natural environments or the visit to a country or a city to witness a competition or a sporting event in situ. Let’s talk about tickets, sweatshirts and a lot of adrenaline.

Sports tourism numbers do not stop growing.

For example, a surprising fact: “El Tour del Bernabeu” of Real Madrid competes with the main museums of the capital of Spain. If the tickets cost 19 euros and have more than one million visitors per year, it is easy to get an idea of the nice income earned by the club, just for this section.

Active tourism

Sports tourism also has a powerful motivation to travel in the active practice of different sports. Every year there are more runners who decide to run a half marathon or the legendary 42 kilometers outside their city, either in the very requested New York marathon that every year runs out its inscriptions or in the very desired of Boston, Paris, Berlin or Tokyo as well.

And what about Nepal, where its national economy and that of the families of the Sherpas depends to a large extent on all the adventurers who decide to face the challenge of climbing Everest and other eight-thousanders in the area and, due to the need to acclimatize to the height, they must remain for weeks in the country.

Another of the sports tourism activity that moves most fans worldwide is diving, and this is where destinations such as the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, the Great Blue Hole of Belize, the red coral reefs of Sharm el-Sheikh or the transparent waters of the Maldives are dreamed by lovers of the exploration of the underwater world.

Other sports that move their followers around the world are paragliding and parachuting, since the possibility of enjoying landscapes while discharging adrenaline means that they have no qualms when looking for new destinations to unleash their passion.

And how can we not talk about cycling, an authentic religion for so many that even the Tour de France organizes annually a stage for cyclists whose exact route is faced some days later by the professionals of the two wheels. And you also have to be quick to sign up on their official website since there is so much demand that the bicycle seats tend to run out quickly.

Let them sweat

Football lovers often enjoy attending matches of the most important football leagues outside their borders. Among them, the English Premier League takes the cake as in their stadiums they breathe tradition, respect and authentic devotion to a sport they invented, although getting tickets to visit the most demanding scenarios usually requires being proactive.

But for authentic tradition, nothing like rugby matches. In the great rugby tournaments, both national and international, you can see in maximum expression the values that have allowed these sports to endure as an example of companionship, honesty and effort.
Even many of the agencies, like Living With The Lions Sports Travel, take care that traveling with your favorite team is also part of the tradition.

If  you love basketball instead, the United States is probably your destination to attend the show (on and off the court) which is an NBA or All Star game that, in mid-February, will gather at Madison Square Garden to the stars of the best league in the world.

Not cheap

Unfortunately, living in situ these sporting events is not always possible because sometimes the prices multiply the prices of regular travel and accommodation: nobody said that traveling to live unforgettable experiences was cheap. It is advisable to be proactive and book as soon as possible to avoid surprises.

On the other hand, sports tourists will always have the option of visiting the mythical scenarios of their favorite sport out of season, as it can be done in the main tourist destinations if we want to avoid the masses.


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