Planning a trip away and getting back in touch with nature is always an exciting prospect. To make sure you make the most of your next hiking trip, and set off on the right foot, there’ll be plenty of things to consider and prepare long before the trip comes along. Read below to get an idea of what you may want to think about, so that, when the time comes, you’re sure to have the best hiking trip yet!


Of course, the first decision to make is where to go. There will be various factors to consider when deciding where to go hiking, including climate, hiking conditions, weather, and level of difficulty. If you have a bucket list of hiking locations, try and opt for somewhere new. You could even do some research into the best hiking locations around the world, and make it into the trip of a lifetime!
Whether you favor cross county journeys, ancient paths, trickier treks of a higher climate, or alpine endeavors that will test your altitude acclimatization, there will be a hike suitable that will offer challenges, new terrain, and spectacular views, so take your time in deciding where to go. If you’re heading to Europe, Albania, Spain, or Norway might provide the perfect hiking holiday. There are a myriad of options if you are trekking in Asia, such as the Tiger’s Nest Monastery hike in Bhutan, or perhaps the Rocky Mountains in Canada appeals.


When planning your next hiking trip, you’ll also need to consider who you are taking along with you. If you are traveling and hiking with a young family, then you might need to reconsider more challenging hikes and find a few family-friendly options. If you are a seasoned hiking expert, you could get a group of people together who are of a similar level to you in terms of skills and capability. It’s important to be aware of the group you are hiking with, so you’re not caught out during the hiking trip, as the last thing you want is to have a member of the family or group struggle, which could compromise the whole exercise. Making sure everybody is comfortable with the distance, altitude and difficulty level will mean your trip will be all the smoother and more enjoyable for everyone.


Deciding when to go hiking is almost as important as deciding where to go. Make sure you research your chosen destination in good time, so you are going at the best time regarding weather and climate conditions. If you are traveling with family, you may need to see how busy it will be in the holiday season in terms of costings, and considerations such as how safe a trail will be should also be thought about.


With any trip, there will be factors to think about so that you can enjoy your vacation with as few stresses as possible. This will include transport considerations, hiking equipment, accommodation options, and the length of time you’ll be going for. Organizing a trip with friends will more likely be less stressful than a family holiday, but regardless of your group, planning ahead will save you significant cost than sorting things last minute. There might be last minute changes to be prepared for, and be aware of additional costs such as travel insurance and car hire. Unexpected costs may also crop up along the way, but you can prepare for this easily; one option could be to sort an instant loan from Car Cash Point. You will make your whole trip less stressful by considering these factors before you set off, so try and organize a family meeting or catch-up with friends to discuss your options so everybody’s on board.


Another consideration to make before you head off on your next hiking trip is considering what you want to achieve, and how you are going to achieve this. If you are setting yourself a new fitness goal, or want to complete the walk within a certain time, prepare for this accordingly by doing practice hikes long before the trip comes around. If it is accessible to you, head to local trails to wear in your hiking boots and get used to the length of time you’ll be on the trails for.

Preparation Essentials

Going on a hiking trip without much preparation could potentially see you strain yourself, or do physical damage, as you will be exerting yourself much more than you normally do in day to day life. If this is your first hiking trip, try to practice to get familiar with longer hikes before you go.
You also need to make sure you’re kitted out with the right equipment, too. It includes the necessary camping equipment, as well as suitable clothing and boots. You can’t afford to skimp on the appropriate clothing when it comes to a hiking trip. Your boots should be sturdy, comfortable and suited to tricky terrains with enough grip. It’s also essential to wear in your boots before the hike, so the shoes don’t rub and cause you pain on your hike. You won’t get very far if your feet blister and every step is painful, so set aside some time beforehand to wear them in, even if this means wearing your shoes around the house.
In terms of clothing, you should look out for breathable, light material, which you can layer up for warmth. Light material is an absolute must if you are camping overnight, as you will likely be carrying your clothes on your back. Jeans are a no-no, as they aren’t suited to high levels of activity and will be very heavy. Check out a local outdoor clothing store if you are unsure of what to get. Regarding safety precautions, be sure to have a torch, first aid kit, and plenty of water and food supplies. Think about how you’ll communicate throughout your trip too – a portable charger is a good idea, or perhaps a radio or walkie-talkie should signal be a problem.

Finally, seek advice and help if you are unsure of anything long before you set off. Let people know where you are heading, and how long for, even if you are in a large group. Once you’ve thought about all these factors, you can enjoy the hiking trip of a lifetime!


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