>Having children does not mean you should stop traveling. Although there are still many families who expect children to be of a certain age, or who leave them with other relatives for long trips, the tendency to take children with them is increasing.

Avoid uneasy destinations for children

There are many countries (and even more cities) that have great attractions for children. Water parks, attractions, theme parks, animal safaris, hotels where there are activities for them or places frequented by other families where our children can meet more children. Try to find common activities according to their age and call their attention.
A park with a street artist who makes soap bubbles is all that a child needs to have a good time; a long climb up a mountain to see some ruins or a view of distant mountains will bore him.

Choose direct routes

If you travel by plane, avoid flights to distant destinations or with stopovers. Look for good schedules for children and do not break their biorhythm. During the trip, sit them near the windows, so they can watch the landscape and have a further distraction. If the trip is long, we recommend you bring them some entertainment. The more rested they reach the destination the better they will feel.
When you arrive at the airport, choose the easy option and hire a transfer service in advance. Think that the prices of trains and buses to the city are individual; If you do the math, you’ll see it’s more comfortable and it’s not more expensive for three, four or five people.

Slow down: it’s about enjoying

Although during the day they seem unstoppable and have more energy than us, children usually get tired before. Avoid long journeys full of visits, museums, fast foods and busy schedules.
Learn to enjoy a relaxed pace, with longer breaks so that children have time to eat and rest. The days will end sooner and you may have seen fewer things, but you will have enjoyed it longer.

Simplify and make it easy

Depending on the age of the children you will need more or less things. If your child does not walk, then the question arises: cart or baby carrier? The answer is only at the chosen destination. If you travel to a city where the streets are paved and it is easy to get around, then you can afford to take the cart. If what you have planned is to do some hiking in the mountains, visit old villages or do outdoor activities, then the most comfortable thing is a baby carrier. During the trip you will see that many parents have also chosen this option. Forget about cribs, changing tables or other items alike. Many hotels already count on it and, if not, you will have to improvise a bit; after all, traveling means leaving our comfort zone.

Bring him to other children

Help him overcome shyness and show him other children who are playing. Meeting people from other countries and other cultures is one of the most enriching parts of a trip. If your child ends up playing with other children he does not know, he will have learned to be more tolerant, possibly he will learn some words in another language and have a much more open mind. The best school is to travel around the world. The worst that can happen is that you end up making lots of friends and do not want to go home.


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