If you have a flight of more than 10 hours ahead of you in tourist class – packed and full of people – remember that there are still some luxuries that you can take with you and that will not be taken away at the boarding gate.

We can make the worst part of the plane a little less terrible with a bit of planning and stuffing some necessary things into the suitcase. You may not think it’s worth it now, but after six hours suspended in the air in a can, you’ll wish you had prepared more. Here are some ways to make the economy class much more comfortable.

Dress for the temperature of the plane

On some flights you will be provided with a blanket, although usually not in tourist class. The air is usually quite cold, so you should wear a winter jacket for the trip, even if you are heading to a sunny place. In general, you should take a warm and comfortable jacket, since on a long flight you will go through several temperatures.

A jacket is also advisable if you do not want to put your own blanket in the limited space of your hand luggage, although a blanket could be easy to store when you disembark. Even a blanket you choose at the airport store is probably warmer (and cleaner) than the ones they sell when you’re already thousands of kilometers in the air.

Get a pillow

What complement is better for your blanket than a pillow? There are several options the most recommended are the inflatable models because of the little space they occupy in your carry-on luggage. There are pillows that provide support for your neck and also others that work more for lumbar support if you have problems in your lower back. If you have no problems in that area, you could have them after a flight of 14 hours.

Plan your sleep hours

Do not try to tire yourself to sleep later in the flight, because you will get in a bad mood if you do not get it. Let it happen naturally and try to prepare the best possible conditions: in addition to your pillows and blankets, wear earplugs or earphones and a mask to cover the light over your eyes.


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