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The Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart: a temple of the automobile in the sight of a drone


Many museums are beginning to reopen and one of the lucky ones is the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, where the facility has been operating under restrictions since last weekend.

The Museum wanted to celebrate with a video in drone view of the spectacular building of its facilities, and also by the large rooms inside and even inside some vehicles. In addition, a previous video allowed us to enter this temple of the automobile.

At the moment, the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart is only open from Friday to Sunday, with limited capacity and capacity and remembering the well-known rules of social distancing and recommendation of the use of masks to avoid any risk of propagation of COVID-19.

The video filmed from a drone shows us unprecedented perspectives of the museum, flying through the well-known symbol of the brand, through the rooms, climbing stairs or getting into a bus or a classic utility vehicle.


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