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Hiking in summer to escape the heat of the city

TravelHiking in summer to escape the heat of the city

The mountain is a good place to escape from the noise and stress of the cities, and above all, in summer, it is a good time to escape from the heat and enjoy nature. Besides, it is a good way to do sport while enjoying our free time and having fun. But being in a wild environment, we must take into account a series of points to avoid unnecessary frights.

First of all, we will highlight the benefits of walking, and more in nature, as the air is much fresher and cleaner, and therefore it is a good place to do any kind of activity.

1.- Exercising outdoors in the middle of nature is relaxing and will help us breathe fresh and totally clean air

2.- As we are exercising in purer air, the breathing and oxygenation of the body while we exercise is much better than if we practice it in the city. Therefore, the performance and the feeling of wellbeing that we are going to achieve will be much better.

3 .- Do not forget that direct contact with nature is a revulsive to keep us more relaxed and avoid the stress of everyday life. That’s why it’s a good place to spend your holidays, so you can go hiking and trekking in the mountains.

But the mountain is a place that can sometimes be a little dangerous, since it is not an environment with which we are familiar. That is why it is good to have everything well planned before going out into this environment. This time we want to give some advice to achieve this in the best way possible and have fun, and not make a day of leisure something negative.

There are many routes and places where we can carry out the hiking. All these places have defined routes and thought so that the activity that we are going to carry out is the most satisfactory possible. But this does not prevent us from planning well each of these outings that we are going to do on our holidays.

Delimit and plan the route in advance

There are countless pages and forums where people who have already done this and other routes have left information about the route, the places we should visit… So it is very good that before we launch to practice this route, we see what others tell us and so we can get an idea of what we are going to choose.
Planning the route in advance is fundamental. There are forums and websites that can help us through the experience of walkers who have already done it.
I, in particular, use Wikiloc.

Determine the time the route takes, the points of interest and the difficulty of the route

Secondly, and in line with the planning of the site, we will stop at the time of the route. We don’t always have all the time in the world for a hiking route. For this reason there are plenty of options available to us. It is necessary to know the duration of the route before going out for a walk.

In addition to the duration of the route, the points of interest along it are something we must take into account. There are routes where we find viewpoints, places of natural and archaeological interest… So it is good that we know in advance, to know where we are going, and to be able to enjoy the route to the maximum.
It is good to determine the time it will take to complete the route and the points of interest that we will find along the way, so that we can keep this in mind

It is also good that we know in advance the difficulty of the route, since not all trails are the same. There are some that have more climbs, more obstacles such as rivers, slopes … So it is good that before going to a route we know, so we can choose well what we want to achieve with the route we are going to carry out.

Pay attention to the weather and the hours of sunshine

Taking into account the climate you will be walking in during the day is fundamental. Not only to know what we can find, but also to equip ourselves properly with the necessary attire and materials to fight the weather. Let us not forget that the forest is an environment with which we are not familiar and therefore we must always keep it in mind.

The same care must be taken with the hours of sunshine. Especially in summer, when the days are longer and hotter, we have more time to go hiking, but we must avoid the central hours of the day, which are the most dangerous because of the heat. To do this we must choose routes that are made in the afternoon or morning.

It is essential that we do not get caught up in the middle of a route at night, as we can get lost if we do not know the surroundings well. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the time before leaving, and know the pace that we usually take walking, in order to calculate well what we can take to make a route in a conventional way.


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