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Equipment for hiking in summer to escape of the city


Planning is fundamental, but in addition to this, the equipment must be something essential when we go hiking.

Dress in layers

It is necessary that we know the type of clothing we are going to wear. The mountain is a place where the climate varies a lot, and it can be hot, rainy, cold… regardless of whether it is summer.
What we recommend is to use breathable, comfortable, lightweight clothing that allows us to handle it easily. A good trick is to dress in different layers. T-shirts, jackets with zippers… They are good alternatives, as well as detachable trousers that can be long and short at any time of the day.
Clothes should be light, allowing for perspiration and allowing us to wrap up and unwrap when we feel like it and the weather conditions dictate it.

The importance of the backpack

A backpack is fundamental in our equipment, since it will serve us to put our clothes and everything we carry with us. It should be light and not bother us too much on the road. Besides, it is good that it is provided with different pockets that allow us to keep utensils that it is advisable to take with us.

Water bottle

Among these utensils we will highlight a bottle of water that will keep us hydrated throughout the route. Now in summer, a sunscreen is essential to avoid burning our skin. A compass is very useful, because even if the route is fixed, we can get disoriented, and it will help us to recover the route easily.

The right footwear

Let us not forget that footwear is fundamental for the activity to be satisfactory. Comfortable footwear that is not heavy, that allows the feet to sweat, and that also keeps the foot supported, is fundamental. In this way, what we will achieve is to keep our feet in perfect condition, and to execute a perfect step, avoiding collateral damage to the joints that compose it.

Stay safe

These are some of the measures we should take when we go hiking, but there are also some points where we should be careful. These are some simple recommendations that will make the experience even better.

It is essential not to go off the beaten track, because as we have said, we are in the middle of the forest, a place that is not familiar to us. The marked routes are safe and reliable, and hiking is a recreational sport, not a risk one. If we want to go cross-country, what we must do is trekking.

Going to the route with food and drink is good, since we do not know how long it can take sometimes, and having provisions will help us to always have strength and be able to make the route perfectly.

With all these points, we are ready to choose the mountain as a destination this summer, and thus get refreshed in the middle of nature. It is a good alternative to the traditional beach day.


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